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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0102-311X


Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.17  suppl.0 Rio de Janeiro Jan. 2001

 ·  An ecosystem approach to health and its applications to tropical and emerging diseases
Waltner-Toews, David

 ·  Debate on the paper by David Waltner-Toews
Silva, Luiz Jacintho da

 ·  Debate on the paper by David Waltner-Toews
Follér, Maj-Lis

 ·  Debate on the paper by David Waltner-Toews
Moran, Emilio F.

 ·  Debate on the paper by David Waltner-Toews
Possas, Cristina de Albuquerque

 ·  Debate on the paper by David Waltner-Toews
Almeida Jr., José Maria G. de

 ·  Debate on the paper by David Waltner-Toews
McMichael, Anthony J.

 ·  Debate on the paper by David Waltner-Toews
Rees, William E.

 ·  Debate on the paper by David Waltner-Toews
Barreto, Maurício L.

 ·  The author replies
Waltner-Toews, David

 ·  Human health improvement in Sub-Saharan Africa through integrated management of arthropod transmitted diseases and natural resources
Baumgärtner, Johann; Bieri, Markus; Buffoni, Giuseppe; Gilioli, Gianni; Gopalan, Hiremagalur; Greiling, Jürgen; Tikubet, Getachew; Van Schayk, Ingeborg

 ·  Regional differences and Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (an emerging and tropical disease in Argentina)
Sosa-Estani, Sergio; Salomón, Oscar Daniel; Gómez, Adolfo Orlando; Esquivel, María Laura; Segura, Elsa Leonor

 ·  The place behind the case: leptospirosis risks and associated environmental conditions in a flood-related outbreak in Rio de Janeiro
Barcellos, Christovam; Sabroza, Paulo Chagastelles

 ·  Ecosystem approaches to human health
Nielsen, N. Ole

 ·  Living conditions and life experiences of working-class groups in Rio de Janeiro: rethinking dengue control and popular mobilization
Oliveira, Rosely Magalhães de; Valla, Victor Vincent

 ·  Chagas disease prevention through improved housing using an ecosystem approach to health
Rojas-de-Arias, Antonieta

 ·  Urbanization and dengue ecology
Tauil, Pedro Luiz

 ·  An integrated malaria control program with community participation on the Pacific Coast of Colombia
Rojas, William; Botero, Sonia; Garcia, Hector Ivan

 ·  Interactions between global processes and local health problems. A human ecology approach to health among indigenous groups in the Amazon
Follér, Maj-Lis

 ·  Wetlands and infectious diseases
Zimmerman, Robert H.

 ·  Climate-disease connections: Rift Valley Fever in Kenya
Anyamba, Assaf; Linthicum, Kenneth J.; Tucker, Compton J.

 ·  Public health challenges and emerging diseases: the case of São Paulo
Silva, Luiz Jacintho da

 ·  Global surveillance of emerging diseases: the ProMED-mail perspective
Woodall, John P.

 ·  Inadequate management of natural ecosystem in the Brazilian Amazon region results in the emergence and reemergence of arboviruses
Vasconcelos, Pedro F. C.; Travassos da Rosa, Amélia P. A.; Rodrigues, Sueli G.; Travassos da Rosa, Elizabeth S.; Dégallier, Nicolas; Travassos da Rosa, Jorge F. S.

 ·  Chagas disease, environment, participation, and the state
Dias, João Carlos Pinto

 ·  An ecosystem approach to malaria control in an urban setting
Carrasquilla, Gabriel

 ·  Health, biodiversity, and natural resource use on the Amazon frontier: an ecosystem approach
Murray, Tamsyn P.; Sánchez-Choy, José

 ·  An ecosystem approach to human health and the prevention of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Tumaco, Colombia
Rojas, Carlos A.

 ·  Ecological approaches to rural development projects
Díaz, Sandra; Cáceres, Daniel M.

 ·  Emerging and reemerging viral diseases
Schatzmayr, Hermann G.