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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0102-311X


Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.18 n.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan./Feb. 2002

 ·  Dental fluorosis in Brazil: a critical review
Cangussu, Maria Cristina Teixeira; Narvai, Paulo Capel; Castellanos Fernandez, Roberto; Djehizian, Valquíria

 ·  Chemical exposure during pregnancy and oral clefts in newborns
Leite, Isabel Cristina Gonçalves; Paumgartten, Francisco José Roma; Koifman, Sérgio

 ·  Childhood cancer: a comparative analysis of incidence, mortality, and survival in Goiania (Brazil) and other countries
Braga, Patrícia Emília; Latorre, Maria do Rosário Dias de Oliveira; Curado, Maria Paula

 ·  Suggestion of an inverse relationship between perception of occupational risks and work-related injuries
Cordeiro, Ricardo

 ·  Case management of acute respiratory infections: evaluation in Rio de Janeiro health care facilities
Cunha, Antonio José Ledo Alves da

 ·  Quality of body mass measurement in Rio de Janeiro primary health care facilities in 1996
Capelli, Jane de Carlos Santana; Anjos, Luiz Antonio dos; Castro, Inês Rugani Ribeiro de

 ·  Signs, meanings, and actions associated with Chagas disease
Uchôa, Elizabeth; Firmo, Josélia O. A.; Dias, Elizabeth C.; Pereira, Maria Stella N.; Gontijo, Eliane D.

 ·  Quality of life assessment in laryngectomized patients: a systematic review
Moreno, Arlinda B.; Lopes, Claudia S.

 ·  Contraceptive methods and adequacy of oral contraceptive use in the city of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: 1992-1999
Dias-da-Costa, Juvenal Soares; Gigante, Denise Petrucci; Menezes, Ana Maria Baptista; Olinto, Maria Teresa Anselmo; Macedo, Silvia; Britto, Marcelo Alexandre Pinto de; Fuchs, Sandra Costa

 ·  Social reproduction of Hansen disease: a case study in the city of São Paulo
Helene, Lúcia Maria Frazão; Salum, Maria Josefina Leuba

 ·  A methodology to evaluate and expand knowledge on work-related accidents among adolescents enrolled in elementary school
Lima, Maria Imaculada Medina; Câmara, Volney de Magalhães

 ·  Characterization of hormone replacement therapy users in Campinas, São Paulo
Pinto Neto, Aarão Mendes; Pedro, Adriana Orcesi; Hardy, Ellen; Osis, Maria José Duarte; Costa-Paiva, Lúcia Helena Simões da; Martinez, Edson Zangiacomi

 ·  Preventive strategies in the control of dental caries: a literature review
Chaves, Sônia Cristina Lima; Vieira-da-Silva, Lígia Maria

 ·  The concepts of risk and prevention from the perspective of injecting drug users
Deslandes, Suely Ferreira; Mendonça, Eduardo Alves; Caiaffa, Waleska Teixeira; Doneda, Denise

 ·  Pregnancy in adolescence, associated factors, and perinatal results among low-income post-partum women
Gama, Silvana Granado Nogueira da; Szwarcwald, Célia Landmann; Leal, Maria do Carmo

 ·  Portuguese-language cross-cultural adaptation of the Revised Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS2), an instrument used to identify violence in couples
Moraes, Claudia Leite; Hasselmann, Maria Helena; Reichenheim, Michael E.

 ·  The Bambuí Health and Aging Study (BHAS): private health plan and medical care utilization by older adults
Lima-Costa, Maria Fernanda F.; Guerra, Henrique L.; Firmo, Josélia O. A.; Vidigal, Pedro G.; Uchoa, Elizabeth; Barreto, Sandhi M.

 ·  Awareness of American tegumentary leishmaniasis (ATL) and use of alternative therapies in an endemic area in the Amazon Region in the State of Maranhão, Brazil
Moreira, Rosilene da Conceição R.; Rebêlo, José Manuel Macário; Gama, Mônica Elinor Alves; Costa, Jackson Maurício L.

 ·  Reinventing life: a proposal for a socio-anthropological approach to breast cancer
Gomes, Romeu; Skaba, Márcia Marília Vargas Fróes; Vieira, Roberto José da Silva

 ·  Clinical management of diabetic patients: process evaluation in Pelotas, Southern Brazil
Assunção, Maria Cecília Formoso; Santos, Iná da Silva dos; Costa, Juvenal Soares Dias da

 ·  Brazilian policy for the distribution and production of antiretroviral drugs: a privilege or a right?
Galvão, Jane

 ·  A cancer mortality pattern in Brazilian electrical workers
Mattos, Inês E.; Sauaia, Naim; Menezes, Paulo R.

 ·  Individuals and changes in health organizations: a psychosociological approach
Azevedo, Creuza da Silva; Braga Neto, Francisco Campos; Sá, Marilene de Castilho

 ·  Chemical safety, health, and environment: prospects for governance in the Brazilian context
Freitas, Carlos Machado de; Porto, Marcelo Firpo S.; Moreira, Josino Costa; Pivetta, Fatima; Machado, Jorge M. Huet; Freitas, Nilton B. B. de; Arcuri, Arline S.

 ·  Changes in perinatal care as a determinant of the level and diversity of antiinfectives use in a neonatal intensive care unit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Osorio-de-Castro, Claudia Garcia Serpa; Peixoto, Maurício Abreu Pinto; Castilho, Selma Rodrigues de

 ·  Labor process and workers' health in charcoal production in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Dias, Elizabeth Costa; Assunção, Ada Ávila; Guerra, Cláudio Bueno; Cano Prais, Hugo Alejandro

 ·  The estimated magnitude of AIDS in Brazil: a delay correction applied to cases with lost dates
Barbosa, Maria Tereza S.; Struchiner, Claudio J.

 ·  Evaluating the potential of an intervention aimed at promoting oral rehydration therapy (ORT) by educating pharmacy employees
Oshiro, Maria de Lourdes; Castro, Lia Lusitana Cardozo de

 ·  Determinants of hospitalization among children under five years of age in Southern Brazil
Cesar, Juraci A.; Horta, Bernardo L.; Gomes, Gildo; Shehadeh, Imad; Chitolina, Juliana; Rangel, Liliani; Saraiva, Alessandra O.; Oliveira, Aline K.

 ·  Diffusion of science, communication, and health
Bizzo, Maria Letícia Galluzzi

 ·  Health professionals' reporting of family violence against children and adolescents
Gonçalves, Hebe Signorini; Ferreira, Ana Lúcia

 Research Note
 ·  Tools for planning a project to promote adolescent health and development: the adolescents' perspective
Muza, Gilson Maestrini; Costa, Marisa Pacini

 ·  Medical residence in pediatrics: in the field of practice
Villar, Maria Auxiliadora Monteiro; Cardoso, Maria Helena Cabral de Almeida