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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0102-311X


Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.19  suppl.2 Rio de Janeiro Jan. 2003

 ·  Gênero, sexualidade e saúde reprodutiva: a constituição de um novo campo na Saúde Coletiva
Aquino, Estela M. L.; Barbosa, Regina M.; Heilborn, Maria Luiza; Berquó, Elza

 ·  The construction of sexual difference in medicine
Rohden, Fabíola

 ·  Knowledge and risk perception of HIV/AIDS: a profile of the Brazilian people in 1998
Ferreira, Maria Paula

 ·  Sexual partners and practices of young homosexuals in Rio de Janeiro
Rios, Luís Felipe

 ·  Kangaroo Mother Care: the role of health care services and family networks in a successful program
Toma, Tereza Setsuko

 ·  Women's health in violent situations: municipal administrative roles and decision-making in the Brazilian public health system
Porto, Madge; McCallum, Cecilia; Scott, Russell Parry; Morais, Heloísa M. Mendonça de

 ·  Women, family, and reproductive health: a case study on family planning on the outskirts of Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Fernandes, Magda Fernanda Medeiros

 ·  Violence against woman: clients of emergency care units in Salvador
Silva, Iracema Viterbo

 ·  Pedophile, who are you? A study of pedophilia in the press
Landini, Tatiana Savoia

 ·  Teenage contraception and pregnancy from the perspective of young low-income fathers in a slum area in Rio de Janeiro
Cabral, Cristiane S.

 ·  Evaluation of procedures for identifying maternal deaths
Valongueiro, Sandra; Ludermir, Ana Bernarda; Gominho, Lílian Albuquerque Ferraz

 ·  Cervical cancer screening in the Municipality of São Paulo: coverage and factors involved in submitting to the Pap test
Pinho, Adriana de Araujo; França Junior, Ivan; Schraiber, Lilia Blima; D'Oliveira, Ana Flávia P. L.

 ·  Reproductive demands and health care for people living with HIV/AIDS: limits and possibilities within the context of specialized health services
Oliveira, Luzia Aparecida; França Junior, Ivan

 ·  Gender and leisure-time physical activity
Salles-Costa, Rosana; Heilborn, Maria Luiza; Werneck, Guilherme Loureiro; Faerstein, Eduardo; Lopes, Claudia S.

 ·  "Be someone in life": a socio-anthropological analysis of adolescent pregnancy and motherhood in Belém, Pará State, Brazil
Pantoja, Ana Lídia Nauar

 ·  "Sex-daring games": sexuality and gender socialization in the working-class children's universe
Ribeiro, Jucélia Santos Bispo

 ·  Breastfeeding experiences in a group of women: the limits of "the body for the child" and "the body for oneself"
Nakano, Ana Márcia Spanó

 ·  Female sterilization, AIDS, and medical culture in São Paulo and Porto Alegre, Brazil
Barbosa, Regina Maria; Knauth, Daniela Riva

 ·  Adolescence and reproduction in Brazil: the heterogeneity of social profiles
Aquino, Estela M. L.; Heilborn, Maria Luiza; Knauth, Daniela; Bozon, Michel; Almeida, Maria da Conceição; Araújo, Jenny; Menezes, Greice

 ·  Fathers' participation in childbirth at a public hospital: institutional difficulties and motivations of couples
Carvalho, Maria Luiza Mello de

 ·  Health professionals and legal abortion in Brazil: challenges, conflicts, and meanings
Soares, Gilberta Santos

 ·  Risk factors for hysterectomy among Brazilian women
Araújo, Thália V. Barreto de; Aquino, Estela M. L.

 ·  The paradoxes of humanized childbirth care in a public maternity ward in Brazil
Tornquist, Carmen Susana

 ·  Sexuality and STD/AIDS prevention: social representations by rural men in a county in the Zona da Mata region in Pernambuco, Brazil
Alves, Maria de Fátima Paz

 ·  Reproductive rights of women and men in light of new legislation on voluntary sterilization in Brazil
Berquó, Elza; Cavenaghi, Suzana

 ·  Sexual culture, science, and politics: an interview with Richard Parker
Barbosa, Regina Maria; Aquino, Estela Maria Leão de

 ·  Sexual and reproductive rights: challenges for health policies
Ávila, Maria Betânia