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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0102-311X


Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.21 n.2 Rio de Janeiro Mar./Apr. 2005

 ·  Tuberculosis: an ongoing challenge
Hijjar, Miguel Aiub

 ·  Risk factors for breast cancer: a systematic review of studies with female samples among the general population in Brazil
Pinho, Valéria Fernandes de Souza; Coutinho, Evandro da Silva Freire

 ·  Analysis of spatial data in public health: methods, problems, and perspectives
Carvalho, Marilia Sá; Souza-Santos, Reinaldo

 ·  Social support and breast self-examination in the Pró-Saúde Study
Andrade, Célia Regina de; Chor, Dóra; Faerstein, Eduardo; Griep, Rosane Harter; Lopes, Claudia S.; Fonseca, Maria de Jesus Mendes da

 ·  Evaluation of neonatal mortality in very low birth weight infants in four maternity hospitals in the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Duarte, José Luiz Muniz Bandeira; Mendonça, Gulnar Azevedo Silva

 ·  Access to medical appointments by men with sexually transmitted diseases at a health unit in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
Araújo, Maria Alix Leite; Leitão, Glória da Conceição Mesquita

 ·  Participatory evaluation in health programs: a proposal for the Adolescent Health Care Program
Bursztyn, Ivani; Ribeiro, José Mendes

 ·  Violence in conjugal relations: concealing and taking sexual violence for granted
Dantas-Berger, Sônia Maria; Giffin, Karen

 ·  Breast cancer metaphors and meanings from the perspective of five families
Tavares, Jeane Saskya C.; Trad, Leny A. Bomfim

 ·  Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability and validity of the resilience scale
Pesce, Renata P.; Assis, Simone G.; Avanci, Joviana Q.; Santos, Nilton C.; Malaquias, Juaci V.; Carvalhaes, Raquel

 ·  Equity in health according to reports by the Brazilian National Health Conferences since enactment of the 1988 Federal Constitution
Pinheiro, Marcelo Cardoso; Westphal, Márcia Faria; Akerman, Marco

 ·  An ethno-epidemiological study on urban violence in Salvador, Bahia State, Brazil: summary executions as an object of study
Nunes, Mônica; Paim, Jairnilson Silva

 ·  Prevalence and factors associated with hot flashes in climacteric and post-climacteric women
Sclowitz, Iândora Krolow Timm; Santos, Iná da Silva dos; Silveira, Mariângela Freitas da

 ·  Impact of a well baby care program on the promotion of exclusive breastfeeding
Faleiros, José Justino; Kalil, Gladis; Casarin, Darci Pegoraro; Laque Jr., Paulo A.; Santos, Iná S.

 ·  Human resources training in family health: paradoxes and perspectives
Gil, Célia Regina Rodrigues

 ·  Sexual debut in adolescence and gender relations: a cross-sectional study in São Paulo, Brazil, 2002
Borges, Ana Luiza Vilela; Schor, Néia

 ·  Can conflict be used as the "raw material" for health services management?
Cecílio, Luiz Carlos de Oliveira

 ·  Proposal of a method for collective analysis of work-related accidents in the hospital setting
Osório, Claudia; Machado, Jorge Mesquita Huet; Minayo-Gomez, Carlos

 ·  Can court injunctions guarantee access to medicines in the public sector? The experience in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Messeder, Ana Márcia; Osorio-de-Castro, Claudia Garcia Serpa; Luiza, Vera Lucia

 ·  Measles epidemiology in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, 1996-2000
Faversani, Maria Cristina de Sousa Santos; Kupek, Emil; Westrupp, Maria Helena Bittencourt

 ·  A population-based study on use of medications by elderly Brazilians: the Bambuí Health and Aging Study (BHAS)
Loyola Filho, Antônio I. de; Uchoa, Elizabeth; Firmo, Josélia de Oliveira Araújo; Lima-Costa, Maria Fernanda

 ·  Utilization of task projects in a public sector health organization in Argentina: paradoxes, dilemmas, and opportunities
Brissón, María Eugenia; Spinelli, Hugo Guillermo

 ·  Validity and reproductibility of the clinical signs for the diagnosis of anemia in children
Leal, Luciana Pedrosa; Osório, Mônica Maria

 ·  Physical activity in adults from two Brazilian areas: similarities and differences
Hallal, Pedro C.; Matsudo, Sandra M.; Matsudo, Victor K. R.; Araújo, Timóteo L.; Andrade, Douglas R.; Bertoldi, Andréa D.

 ·  Protective and risk factors related to vertical transmission of the HIV-1
Gianvecchio, Rosângela P.; Goldberg, Tamara B. L.

 ·  Outcomes of three different models for sex education and citizenship programs concerning knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of Brazilian adolescents
Díaz, Margarita; Mello, Maeve Brito de; Sousa, Maria Helena de; Cabral, Francisco; Silva, Ricardo de Castro e; Campos, Márcia; Faúndes, Anibal

 ·  Pesticide use and suicide in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Pires, Dario Xavier; Caldas, Eloísa Dutra; Recena, Maria Celina Piazza

 ·  Evaluation of a pamphlet on visceral leishmaniasis as a tool for providing disease information to healthcare professionals and laypersons
Luz, Zélia Maria Profeta da; Schall, Virgínia; Rabello, Ana

 ·  Forum: abortion in Brazil, Colombia, and Uruguay
Diniz, Debora

 ·  Current situation with abortion in Colombia: between illegality and reality
González Vélez, Ana Cristina

 ·  The experience in Uruguay: the Bill for the Defense of Reproductive Health
Xavier, Mónica

 ·  Abortion and fetal non-viability: the Brazilian debate
Diniz, Debora

 Research Note
 ·  Relationship between intestinal parasites in food handlers and epidemiological factors in the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Nolla, Alexandre Costa; Cantos, Geny Aparecida

 ·  Chagas disease in Argentina: tools for schoolchildren to exercise vector surveillance and identify household risk factors
Crocco, Liliana; Rodríguez, Claudia; Catalá, Silvia; Nattero, Julieta

 ·  Dental fluorosis in schoolchildren in a county in the mountainous region of Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil
Toassi, Ramona Fernanda Ceriotti; Abegg, Claídes

 ·  Racial inequalities and health: questions concerning the racialization process
Monteiro, Simone; Sansone, Livio

 Book Reviews
 ·  Labirinto de espelhos: formação da auto-estima na infância e adolescência
Mitre, Rosa Maria de Araújo

 ·  Cuidar, controlar, curar: ensaios históricos sobre saúde e doença na américa latina e caribe
Cardoso, Maria Helena Cabral de Almeida

 ·  Visões do feminino: a medicina da mulher nos séculos XIX e XX
Bonan, Claudia

 ·  Vacunas: prevención de enfermedades y protección de la salud
Camacho, Luiz Antonio B.