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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0102-311X


Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.22 n.7 Rio de Janeiro Jul. 2006

 ·  Youth, sexuality, and reproduction
Heilborn, Maria Luiza; Aquino, Estela M. L.; Knauth, Daniela Riva

 ·  Conceptualization and measurement of homosexuality in sex surveys: a critical review
Michaels, Stuart; Lhomond, Brigitte

 ·  Sex as body technique: male representations of affective and sexual relationships
Leal, Andréa Fachel; Knauth, Daniela Riva

 ·  Teenagers and condom use: choices by young Brazilians from three Brazilian State capitals in their first and last sexual intercourse
Teixeira, Ana Maria Ferreira Borges; Knauth, Daniela Riva; Fachel, Jandyra Maria Guimarães; Leal, Andrea Fachel

 ·  School trajectory and teenage pregnancy in three Brazilian state capitals
Almeida, Maria da Conceição C.; Aquino, Estela M. L.; Barros, Antoniel Pinheiro de

 ·  Considering and submitting to abortion among young people in the context of legal prohibition: the hidden side of teenage pregnancy
Peres, Simone Ouvinha; Heilborn, Maria Luiza

 ·  Middle-class teenage sexuality and pregnancy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brandão, Elaine Reis; Heilborn, Maria Luiza

 ·  Induced abortion during youth: social inequalities in the outcome of the first pregnancy
Menezes, Greice M. S.; Aquino, Estela M. L.; Silva, Diorlene Oliveira da

 ·  Teenage motherhood and fatherhood: observations in three cities of Brazil
Dias, Acácia Batista; Aquino, Estela M. L.

 ·  Work, schooling, and reproductive health: an ethno-epidemiological study of adolescent women belonging to a birth cohort
Gonçalves, Helen; Gigante, Denise

 ·  Sexual practices in youth: analysis of lifetime sexual trajectory and last sexual intercourse
Heilborn, Maria Luiza; Cabral, Cristiane S.

 ·  Re-signifying pain, overcoming loneliness: childbirth experiences among working-class adolescents in a public maternity hospital in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
McCallum, Cecilia; Reis, Ana Paula dos

 ·  Magnitude and characterization of sexual coercion experienced by young adults in three Brazilian state capitals: Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador
Moraes, Cláudia Leite de; Cabral, Cristiane S.; Heilborn, Maria Luiza

 Research Notes
 ·  Adolescence, sexuality, and reproduction: cultural constructions, normative controversies, and interpretative alternatives
Ventura, Miriam; Corrêa, Sonia

 ·  Women who have sex with women: estimates for Brazil
Barbosa, Regina Maria; Koyama, Mitti Ayako Hara