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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0102-311X


Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.24 n.5 Rio de Janeiro May. 2008

 ·  Challenges for dengue control in Brazil
Medronho, Roberto de Andrade

 ·  Adoption of new technologies by health services: the challenge of analyzing relevant factors
Trindade, Evelinda

 ·  Multiple infections and associated risk factors among non-injecting cocaine users in Argentina
Rossi, Diana; Radulich, Graciela; Muzzio, Estela; Naveira, Jorge; Sosa-Estani, Sergio; Rey, Jorge; Griemberg, Gloria; Friedman, Samuel R.; Martínez-Peralta, Liliana; Weissenbacher, Mercedes

 ·  Elaboration and validation of the Depression Scale for the Elderly
Giavoni, Adriana; Melo, Gislane Ferreira de; Parente, Isabela; Dantas, Gabriela

 ·  Identification of confounders in the association between self-reported diseases and symptoms and self-rated health in a group of factory workers
Höfelmann, Doroteia Aparecida; Blank, Nelson

 ·  Prevalence of hemoglobin S in the State of Paraná, Brazil, based on neonatal screening
Watanabe, Alexandra M.; Pianovski, Mara Albonei D.; Zanis Neto, José; Lichtvan, Leniza C. L.; Chautard-Freire-Maia, Eleidi A.; Domingos, Mouseline T.; Wittig, Ehrenfried O.

 ·  Mortality due to ill-defined causes in Brazil (1979-2002) and a predictive model for age
Costa, Marli Ramos da; Marcopito, Luiz Francisco

 ·  Association between social deprivation and causes of mortality among elderly residents in the city of Recife, Pernambuco State, Brazil
Silva, Vanessa de Lima; Leal, Márcia Carréra Campos; Marino, Jacira Guiro; Marques, Ana Paula de Oliveira

 ·  Prematurity and associated factors in Santa Catarina State, Brazil, in 2005: an analysis based on data from the Information System on Live Births
Cascaes, Andreia Morales; Gauche, Heide; Baramarchi, Fabiana Martin; Borges, Carolina Marques; Peres, Karen Glazer

 ·  Post-discharge surveillance of children and adolescents treated for surgical site infections at a university hospital in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Martins, Maria A.; França, Elisabeth; Matos, José C.; Goulart, Eugenio M. A.

 ·  Identity and mental health risks for young gays in Mexico: recreating the homosexual experience
Granados-Cosme, José Arturo; Delgado-Sánchez, Guadalupe

 ·  Medical and non-medical factors associated with cesarean section rates in a university hospital in southern Brazil
Freitas, Paulo Fontoura; Sakae, Thiago Mamôru; Jacomino, ; Maria Eduarda M. Lebarbechon Polli

 ·  Impact of hospitalization on breastfeeding practices in a pediatric hospital in Salvador, Bahia State, Brazil
Souza, Edna Lúcia; Silva, Luciana Rodrigues; Sá, Ana Carolina Souza; Bastos, Clara Maia; Diniz, Andrea Borges; Mendes, Carlos Maurício Cardeal

 ·  The impact on costs and care of two approaches to reduce employees' dental plan expenses in a private company
Costa Filho, Luiz Cesar da; Duncan, Bruce Bartholow; Polanczyk, Carisi Anne; Sória, Marina Lara; Habekost, Ana Paula; Costa, Carolina Covolo da

 ·  Prevalence of childhood stress and associated factors: a study of schoolchildren in a city in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil
Sbaraini, Cláudia Rosi; Schermann, Lígia Braun

 ·  The effects of season at time of birth on asthma and pneumonia in childhood and adulthood in a birth cohort in southern Brazil
González, David Alejandro; Victora, Cesar G.; Gonçalves, Helen

 ·  Use of rehabilitation services by technology-dependent children and adolescents in a maternal and child hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Gavazza, Cláudia Zornoff; Fonseca, Vânia Matos; Silva, Kátia Silveira da; Cunha, Sueli Rezende

 ·  Relationship between first-time drug use and first offense among adolescents in conflict with the law
Martins, Mayra Costa; Pillon, Sandra Cristina

 ·  Treatment of injuries in emergency departments: characteristics of victims and place of injury, São Paulo State, Brazil, 2005
Gawryszewski, Vilma Pinheiro; Scarpelini, Sandro; Dib, Jorge Adalberto; Jorge, Maria Helena Prado de Mello; Pereira Junior, Gerson Alves; Morita, Mitsuyoshi

 ·  Hepatitis B vaccination among primary health care workers
Garcia, Leila Posenato; Facchini, Luiz Augusto

 ·  Climatic aspects in hantavirus transmission areas in São Paulo State, Brazil
Donalisio, Maria Rita; Vasconcelos, Cíntia Honório; Pereira, Luiz Eloy; Ávila, Ana Maria H.; Katz, Giselda

 ·  Adequacy of prenatal care as a major determinant of folic acid, iron, and vitamin intake during pregnancy
Lunet, Nuno; Rodrigues, Teresa; Correia, Sofia; Barros, Henrique

 ·  Forum: equity in access to health care. Introduction
Travassos, Claudia

 ·  Equity in health care and institutional trust: a communitarian view
Mooney, Gavin; Houston, Shane

 ·  Information, communication and equitable access to health care: a conceptual note
Thiede, Michael; McIntyre, Di

 ·  In and out: user fees and other unfortunate events during hospital admission and discharge
Castro, Arachu

 ·  Forum: equity in access to health care. Postscript
Almeida, Celia

 Research Note
 ·  High prevalence of hepatitis B infection in Amerindians in Japreira, Zulia State, Venezuela
Monsalve-Castillo, Francisca; Echevarría, José Manuel; Atencio, Ricardo; Suárez, Anais; Estévez, Jesús; Costa-León, Luciana; Montiel, Pilar; Molero, Tania; Zambrano, Mariana

 ·  Association between abdominal circumference and hypertension among women: the Pró-Saúde Study
Hasselmann, Maria Helena; Faerstein, Eduardo; Werneck, Guilherme L.; Chor, Dóra; Lopes, Claudia S.

 Book Reviews
 ·  Communication in medical care: interaction between primary care physicians and patients
Souza, Joseane de

 ·  A saúde persecutória: os limites da responsabilidade
Caponi, Sandra

 ·  Comunicação e saúde
Sadala, Maria Lucia