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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0102-311X


Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.26 n.11 Rio de Janeiro Nov. 2010

 ·  Methodological advances in population studies of food and nutrition
Cardoso, Marly Augusto; Olinto, Maria Teresa Anselmo; Sichieri, Rosely

 ·  International cooperation: initiatives in graduate studies in public health
Barata, Rita Barradas

 ·  Recommendations for folate intake in women: implications for public health strategies
Almeida, Lana Carneiro; Cardoso, Marly Augusto

 ·  Applying the triads method in the validation of dietary intake using biomarkers
Yokota, Renata Tiene de Carvalho; Miyazaki, Edina Shizue; Ito, Marina Kiyomi

 ·  A new classification of foods based on the extent and purpose of their processing
Monteiro, Carlos Augusto; Levy, Renata Bertazzi; Claro, Rafael Moreira; Castro, Inês Rugani Ribeiro de; Cannon, Geoffrey

 ·  Dietary recommendations: comparing dietary guidelines from Brazil and the United States
Sichieri, Rosely; Chiuve, Stephanie E.; Pereira, Rosângela Alves; Lopes, Aline Cristine Souza; Willett, Walter C.

 ·  Assessing the validity of a food frequency questionnaire among low-income women in São Paulo, southeastern Brazil
Cardoso, Marly Augusto; Tomita, Luciana Yuki; Laguna, Elaine Cristina

 ·  Development and validation of a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ-Porto Alegre) for adolescent, adult and elderly populations from Southern Brazil
Henn, Ruth Liane; Fuchs, Sandra Costa; Moreira, Leila Beltrami; Fuchs, Flavio Danni

 ·  Dietary assessment in the 1993 Pelotas (Brazil) birth cohort study: comparing energy intake with energy expenditure
Gigante, Denise P.; Reichert, Felipe Fossati; Hallal, Pedro C.; Souza, Rosângela Velleda de; Neutzling, Marilda Borges; Vieira, Maria de Fátima Alves; Assunção, Maria Cecilia Formoso; Araújo, Cora Luiza; Menezes, Ana M. B.

 ·  Validation of a food frequency questionnaire to assess the consumption of carotenoids, fruits and vegetables among adolescents: the method of triads
Slater, Betzabeth; Enes, Carla Cristina; López, Rossana Verónica Mendoza; Damasceno, Nágila Raquel Teixeira; Voci, Silvia Maria

 ·  How many 24-hour recalls or food records are required to estimate usual energy and nutrient intake?
Pereira, Rosângela Alves; Araujo, Marina Campos; Lopes, Taís de Souza; Yokoo, Edna Massae

 ·  Assessment of protein intake during pregnancy using a food frequency questionnaire and the effect on postpartum body weight variation
Castro, Maria Beatriz Trindade de; Kac, Gilberto; Sichieri, Rosely

 ·  Diet quality index adjusted for energy requirements in adults
Jaime, Patricia Constante; Bandoni, Daniel Henrique; Duran, Ana Clara da Fonseca Leitão; Fisberg, Regina Mara

 ·  Sources of variation of energy and nutrient intake among adolescents in São Paulo, Brazil
Verly Junior, Eliseu; Fisberg, Regina Mara; Cesar, Chester Luis Galvão; Marchioni, Dirce Maria Lobo

 ·  A comparison of three statistical methods applied in the identification of eating patterns
Cunha, Diana Barbosa; Almeida, Renan Moritz Varnier Rodrigues de; Pereira, Rosângela Alves

 ·  Focused Principal Component Analysis: a graphical method for exploring dietary patterns
Canuto, Raquel; Camey, Suzi; Gigante, Denise P.; Menezes, Ana M. B.; Olinto, Maria Teresa Anselmo

 ·  Assessing food dietary intakes in Japanese-Brazilians using factor analysis
Gimeno, Suely Godoy Agostinho; Andreoni, Solange; Ferreira, Sandra Roberta Gouvea; Franco, Laércio Joel; Cardoso, Marly Augusto

 ·  Discrepancies among ecological, household, and individual data on fruits and vegetables consumption in Brazil
Claro, Rafael Moreira; Jaime, Patricia Constante; Lock, Karen; Fisberg, Regina Mara; Monteiro, Carlos Augusto

 ·  Seasonal effect on nutrient intake in adults living in Southern Brazil
Rossato, Sinara Laurini; Olinto, Maria Teresa Anselmo; Henn, Ruth Liane; Anjos, Luiz Antonio dos; Bressan, Ana Weigert; Wahrlich, Vivian

 ·  Per capita versus adult-equivalent estimates of calorie availability in household budget surveys
Claro, Rafael Moreira; Levy, Renata Bertazzi; Bandoni, Daniel Henrique; Mondini, Lenise

 ·  Development of a food frequency questionnaire in a probabilistic sample of adults from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Anjos, Luiz Antonio dos; Wahrlich, Vivian; Vasconcellos, Mauricio Teixeira Leite de; Souza, Danielle Ribeiro de; Olinto, Maria Teresa Anselmo; Waissmann, William; Henn, Ruth Liane; Rossato, Sinara Laurini; Lourenço, Ana Eliza Port; Bressan, Ana Weigert