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Revista de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 0124-0064


Table of contents
Rev. salud pública vol.10 n.4 Bogotá Sep./Oct. 2008

 ·  Possible public health implications regarding associations between the degree of urbanisation and electronic media exposure amongst Colombian children
Gómez, Luis F .; Lucumí, Diego I .; Parra, Diana C .; Lobelo, Felipe

 ·  Bullying amongst students attending state basic and middle schools
Cepeda-Cuervo, Edilberto; Pacheco-Durán, Pedro N .; García-Barco, Liliana; Piraquive-Peña, Claudia J .

 ·  Health-related quality of life and conditions of health in non-institutionalised elderly people in Cali, Colombia
Ramírez-Vélez, Róbinson; Agredo, Ricardo A .; Jerez, Alejandra M .; Chapal, Liliam Y .

 ·  The cost-effectiveness of installing natural gas as a sanitary alternative for rural communities on the Colombian Caribbean coast burning biomass fuels
Alvis-Guzmán, Nelson; Alvis-Estrada, Luís; Orozco-Africano, Julio

 ·  Self-perception of body image, physical activity and risk factors
Silva-Filho, Lindomar da; Rabelo-Leitão, Alethéa C; Menezes-Cabral, Roberto L .; Knackfuss, Maria I .

 ·  Socio-cultural aspects regarding the perception of quality of life amongst people engaging in extreme (high-risk) sports
Pimentel, Giuliano Gomes de Assis

 ·  Equity regarding early breast cancer screening according to health insurance status in Colombia
Charry, Ligia Constanza de; Carrasquilla, Gabriel; Roca, Sandra

 ·  Geographical and economic barriers to access to Oncology services offered by the National Cancer Institute in Bogota, Colombia
García-Ubaque, Juan Carlos; Quintero-Matallana, Carmen S .

 ·  Quality as perceived by people using hospitals in the Colombian health service network restructuring programme
Cabrera-Arana, Gustavo A.; Bello-Parías, León D.; Londoño-Pimienta, Jaime L.

 ·  Drug prescription patterns in patients attended at a middle- and high-complexity level institution
Buendía- Rodriguez, Jefferson A; Lopez-Gutierrez, José J.; Garcia-Vega, Oscar A.; Diaz-Rojas, Jorge; Sánchez-Villamil, Juana P.

 ·  Chlamydia trachomatis infection in females consulting health centres in Maracaibo, Venezuela
Arráiz, Nailet; Marcucci, Rafael; Colina, Sonia; Reyes, Francia; Rondón, Netxibeth; Bermúdez, Valmore; Reyna, Nadia

 ·  Lutzomyia antunesi as suspected vector of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Orinoquian region of Colombia
Vásquez-Trujillo, Adolfo; Santamaría-Herreño, Erika; González-Reina, Angélica E.; Buitrago-Álvarez, Luz S.; Góngora-Orjuela, Agustín; Cabrera-Quintero, Olga L.

 ·  Prevalence of intestinal parasitism and associated factors in a village on the Colombian Atlantic Coast
Agudelo-Lopez, Sonia; Gómez-Rodríguez, Lucila; Coronado, Xiomara; Orozco, Adalina; Valencia-Gutierrez, Carlos A.; Restrepo-Betancur, Luis F.; Galvis-Gómez, Luisa A.; Botero-Palacio, Luz E.

 Brief Communication
 ·  Real prevalence of epilepsy in a mental health programme in Merida,Venezuela
Rondón, Juana; Betancourt, Xiomara; Conteras, Alba

 ·  Staphylococcus aureus in residents from a nursing-home in Cartagena
Bettin, Alfonso; Suárez, Paola; Bedoya, Andrés; Reyes, Niradiz

 ·  Anomie and Public Mental Health
Parales-Quenza, Carlos J.