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Revista de Salud Pública
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Table of contents
Rev. salud pública vol.12 n.6 Bogotá Dec. 2010

 Original Articles
 ·  Characterising Colombian households regarding quality of life-based food insecurity
Álvarez-Uribe, Martha C; Estrada-Restrepo, Alejandro; Fonseca-Centeno, Zulma Y

 ·  The concept of quality of life in women suffering from cancer
Sánchez-Pedraza, Ricardo; Ballesteros, Mónica P; Anzola, Jorge D

 ·  Physical activity in adolescents of five Colombian cities: Results of the Global Youth Health Survey
Piñeros, Marion; Pardo, Constanza

 ·  Anthropometrical profile of Brazilian junior volleyball players for different sports requirement levels
Fonseca-Toledo, Cláudio; Roquetti, Paula; Fernandes-Filho, José

 ·  The relationship between adolescents' dermatoglyphic characteristics and skeletal maturation
Vidal-Linhares, Renato; De Oliveira-Matta, Marcelo; Perrout-Lima, Jorge; Barros-Costa, Mônica; Fernandes-Filho, José

 ·  A health promotion programme's effectiveness in reducing medical care costs
Martínez-López, Elkin; Grajales, Isabel C

 ·  Oral and nutritional health status in children attending a school in Cartagena, 2009
Ramos-Martinez, Ketty; González-Martínez, Farith; Luna-Ricardo, Luzmayda

 ·  Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine acceptability amongst parents of adolescents in four Colombian areas
Wiesner, Carolina; Piñeros, Marion; Trujillo, Lina M; Cortés, Claudia; Ardila, Jaime

 ·  The cost-effectiveness of using magnetic resonance plus conventional radiography in diabetic-foot patients
Chicaíza-Becerra, Liliana A; Gamboa-Garay, Oscar; García-Molina, Mario

 ·  Organochlorine pesticides in cows'milk supplemented with cotton waste in San Pedro, Colombia
Hernández, Mariluz; Vidal, Jhon V; Marrugo, José L

 ·  Serological evidence of Leptospira spp circulation in naturally-exposed rats (Rattusnorvegicus) in a Colombian urban area
Agudelo-Flórez, Piedad; Arango, Juan C; Merizalde, Elisa; Londoño, Andrés F; Quiroz, Víctor H; Rodas, Juan D

 ·  Prevalence of childhood tuberculosis in Armenia, Colombia
Arenas-Suárez, Nelson E; García-Gutiérrez, Adriana M; Coronado-Ríos, Sandra M; Beltrán- Bocanegra, Cesar A; Acosta-Botero, Sylvia M; Gómez-Marín, Jorge E; Quintero-Álvarez, Liliana

 ·  Antimicrobial resistance pattern for gram-negative uropathogens isolated from hospitalised patients and outpatients in Cartagena, 2005-2008
Castro-Orozco, Raimundo; Barreto-Maya, Ana C; Guzmán-Álvarez, Heidy; Ortega-Quiroz, Rolando J; Benítez-Peña, Lourdes

 ·  Classical dengue transmission dynamics involving mechanical control and prophylaxis
Toro-Zapata, Hernán D; Restrepo, Leonardo D; Vergaño-Salazar, Juan G; Muñoz-Loaiza, Aníbal

 ·  A mathematical model for the chemical control of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) having acquired chemical resistance
Restrepo-Alape, Leonardo D; Toro-Zapata, Hernán D; Muñoz-Loaiza, Aníbal