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Revista de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 0124-0064


Table of contents
Rev. salud pública vol.13 n.4 Bogotá Aug. 2011

 Original Articles
 ·  The relevance and prevalence of post-traumatic stress after an earthquake: public health problem in Constitucion, Chile
Leiva-Bianchi, Marcelo

 ·  Diabetes in Mexico and Colombia: analyzing potential lost years of life, 1998-2007
Dávila-Cervantes, Claudio A.; Agudelo-Botero, Marcela; Gloria-Hernández, Laura E.

 ·  Characterising nonfatal personal injury in the north-western region of Colombia (Antioquia) 1996-2002 and Medellin 2003-2006
Zapata-Bedoya, Yadi S.; Grisales-Romero, Hugo; González, Eliana M.

 ·  Nutritional assessment of pregnant women and their newborn in Cali, 2008
Murillo, Olga L.; Zea, María del Pilar; Pradilla, Alberto

 ·  Physical inactivity and risk factors: constructing an explanatory model in Bogota
Uribe-Bustos, Xiomara; Agudelo-Calderón, Carlos

 ·  The effect of an educational program for elderly people's caregivers: a cultural perspective
Velásquez, Vilma; López, Lucero; López, Heddy; Cataño, Nhora; Muñoz, Esperanza

 ·  The effect of a balanced menu on company food-service users
Orozco-Soto, Diana M.; Troncoso-Piedrahita, Lilliana M.

 ·  Using the Framingham scale to detect cardiovascular risk in employees at the Technological University of Pereira, 2008
Giraldo-Trujillo, José C.; Martínez, José W.; Granada-Echeverry, Patricia

 ·  Toxicology service phone-in assistance, 2006-2009
Olarte-Olarte, María F.; Espinosa-Aranzales, Ángela F; Suárez-Acevedo, Daniel E

 ·  Basic physical attribute reference (anthropometric) tables for 9 to 14 year-old children
Moraes-Macêdo, Mauro; Roquetti-Fernandes, Paula; Fernandes-Filho, José

 ·  Evaluating changes in a welfare programme users' levels of depression
Valencia-Cárdenas, Marisol; Salazar, Juan C.; Correa-Morales, Juan C

 ·  Exploring the risk of dental fluorosis in children at the Universidad of Cartagena's odontology clinics
Arrieta-Vergara, Katherine M.; González-Martínez, Farith; Luna-Ricardo, Luzmayda

 ·  Evaluating animal welfare practice when transporting cattle to slaughter
Romero, Marlyn H; Sánchez, Jorge A; Gutiérrez, Carolina

 ·  The emergence of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in Colombia: a time-series analysis, 2001-2007
Leal, Aura L; Buitrago, Giancarlo; Sanchez-Pedraza, Ricardo; Castillo-Londoño, Juan S.; Cortes-Luna, Jorge A.; Álvarez-Moreno, Carlos A.; Escobar-Villalba, Nubia; GREBO

 ·  The relationship between healthcare personnel and patients (user acceptance) regarding the family healthcare program: a review of approaches in Brazilian journals
Santos, Ialane Monique Vieira dos; Santos, Adriano Maia dos