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Revista de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 0124-0064


Table of contents
Rev. salud pública vol.13 n.5 Bogotá Oct. 2011

 Original Articles
 ·  Pay for performance in Colombian healthcare
Gorbanev, Iouri; Cortes, Ariel; Torres, Sergio; Yepes, Francisco

 ·  Case study: school meals' management in Santiago de Cali and Bogota
Díaz, Mónica del Pilar; Montoya, Iván A.; Montoya, Luz A.

 ·  Physical activity and tobacco and alcohol use in a group of university students
Mantilla-Toloza, Sonia C.; Gómez-Conesa, Antonia; Hidalgo-Montesinos, Maria D.

 ·  The level of knowledge concerning cardiovascular risk factors in people living in Naguanagua, Venezuela
Querales, Marvin; Ruiz, Nelina; Rojas, Susan; Espinoza, Milagros

 ·  The dynamics of HIV-AIDS in Cali
Salguero-Rivera, Beatriz; Sepúlveda-Salcedo, Lilian S.; Cardona-Salgado, Daiver

 ·  Secondary students' knowledge about HIV-AIDS (Cartagena, Colombia)
Gómez-Bustamante, Edna; Cogollo-Milanés, Zuleima

 ·  The status of the dengue surveillance system in a Colombian municipality
Zea, Diego; Osorio, Lyda

 ·  Lipid profile frequency and relevancy as an initial test for peripheral vertigo
Torres-Castro, Isidro; Hendauss-Waked, Hassan; Baena-Rivero, Antonio; Granados-Gómez, Carlos E.

 ·  Cost-effectiveness analysis regarding postoperative administration of vitamin-D and calcium after thyroidectomy to prevent hypocalcaemia
Sanabria, Álvaro; Domínguez, Luis C.; Vega, Valentín; Osorio, Camilo; Duarte, Daniel

 ·  Leptospiral antibodies in a Colombian zoo's Neotropical primates and workers
Romero, Marlyn H.; Astudillo, Miryam; Sánchez, Jorge A.; González, Lina M.; Varela, Néstor

 ·  Nasal carriage of Panton Valentine leukocidin-positive methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in healthy preschool children
Rebollo-Pérez, Juan; Ordoñez-Tapia, Cindy; Herazo-Herazo, Carmen; Reyes-Ramos, Niradiz

 ·  Oral manifestations and dental caries in children exposed to human immunodeficiency virus
Dávila, María E.; Gil, Maritza

 ·  Prevalence of periodontal disease and oral hygiene indicators in high school students from Cartagena, Colombia
Pulido-Rozo, Miriam; Gonzalez-Martínez, Farith; Rivas-Muñoz, Fabio

 ·  Biological fragility syndrome in the elderly: systematic review
Tribess, Sheilla; Oliveira, Ricardo Jacó de

 ·  A technological device for optimizing the time taken for blind people to learn Braille
Hernández, Cesar; Pedraza, Luis F.; López, Danilo