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Gaceta Sanitaria
Print version ISSN 0213-9111


Table of contents
Gac Sanit vol.16 n.3 Barcelona May. 2002

 ·  Public health, politics and administration: hostages or accomplices?
Segura, Andreu

 ·  Endocrine disruptors: a very personal story with multiple personalities
Soto, Ana M.; Sonnenschein, Carlos

 Note Editorial
 ·  What Gaceta Sanitaria does for you and what you can do for Gaceta Sanitaria
Plasència, A.

 Original Articles
 ·  Sociodemographic differences in adherence to the Mediterranean dietary pattern in Spanish populations
González, C.A.; Argilaga, S.; Agudo, A.; Amiano, P.; Barricarte, A.; Beguiristain, J.M.; Chirlaque, M.D.; Dorronsoro, M.; Martinez, C.; Navarro, C.; Quirós, J.R.; Rodriguez, M.; Tormo, M.J.

 ·  Description of psychosocial risk factors in four companies
Benavides, F.G.; Gimeno, D.; Benach, J.; Martínez, J.M.; Jarque, S.; Berra, A.; Devesa, J.

 ·  Study of non-participation in the breast cancer screening program in the city of Valencia [Spain]
Alcaraz, M.; Lluch, A.; Miranda, J.; Pereiro, I.; Salas, M.D.

 Brief Originals
 ·  Pesticide application practices in agricultural workers
García, A.M.; Ramírez, A.; Lacasaña, M.

 ·  Halogenated by-products of chlorination in tap water
Calderón, J.; Capell, C.; Centrich, F.; Artazcoz, L.; González-Cabré, M.; Villalbí, J.R.

 ·  Quality of manuscript evaluation in Gaceta Sanitaria
García, A.M.; Plasència, A.; Fernández, E.

 ·  Perspectives in endocrine disruption
Olea, N.; Fernández, M.F.; Araque, P.; Olea-Serrano, F.

 ·  Concentrations of persistent toxic compounds in the Spanish population: a puzzle without pieces and the protection of public health
Porta, M.; Kogevinas, M.; Zumeta, E.; Sunyer, J.; Ribas-Fitó, N.; Grupo de Trabajo sobre Compuestos Tóxicos Persistentes y Salud del IMIM

 Methodological Notes
 ·  Some methodological aspects of age-period-cohort models: Application to cancer mortality trends
González, J.R.; Llorca, F.J.; Moreno, V.

 Collective Imaginery
 Bibliographic Information
 Lettes to the Editor
 ·  The dubious relationship between peer-review and quality
Gérvas, Juan

 ·  Respuesta de los editores

 ·  Could the «botellón» be considered to be a public health problem or a public order matter?
Gómez-Galán, R.; López Gómez, M.J.