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Gaceta Sanitaria
Print version ISSN 0213-9111


Table of contents
Gac Sanit vol.16 n.4 Barcelona Jul./Aug. 2002

 ·  Colorectal cancer screening: between doubts and evidence
Borràs, Josep M.; Espinàs, Josep A.

 Editorial Note
 ·  We are counting on you : can we count on your citations as well?
Fernández, Esteve; Plasència, Antoni

 Original Articles
 ·  Incidence of urinary bladder cancer in an industrialized area of Spain
Urrutia, G.; Serra, C.; Bonfill, X.; Bastús, R.; Grupo de Trabajo para el Estudio del Cáncer de Vejiga Urinaria en la Comarca del Valllés Occidental

 ·  Condom use among the young engaging in vaginal intercourse
Bimbela, J.L.; Jiménez, J.M.; Alfaro, N.; Gutiérrez, P.; March, J.C.

 ·  The effects of implementing a smoking cessation intervention in Spain on morbidity, mortality and health care costs
González-Enríquez, J.; Salvador-Llivina, T.; López-Nicolás, A.; Antón de las Heras, E.; Musin, A.; Fernández, E.; García, M.; Schiaffino, A.; Pérez-Escolano, I.

 ·  Appropriateness of lipid-lowering treatment and cardiovascular risk in patients with hypercholesterolemia
Segade Buceta, X.M.; Dosil Díaz, O.

 ·  Incorporation of geostatistical methodology for influenza surveillance in a sentinel network
Abellán, J.J.; Zurriaga, O.; Martínez-Beneito, M.A.; Peñalver, J.; Molins, T.

 Review Article
 ·  What is an efficient health technology in Spain?
Sacristán, J.A.; Oliva, J.; Llano, J. Del; Prieto, L.; Pinto, J.L.

 ·  Disagreement among hospital and community studies evaluating the same research question
Delgado Rodríguez, M.

 Special Article
 ·  Write a scientific paper -the easy way
Albert, T.

 Note from the Field
 ·  Glass ceiling and slippery stairs?: Gender inequalities and strategies for change in the Spanish Society of Public Health and Health Services Administration
Colomer Revuelta, C.; Peiró Pérez, R.

 Comtemporary Classics
 ·  Recordando a Alvan R. Feinstein
Gol, J.

 Letter to the Editor
 ·  The reporting of diseases: A one-century tradition
Mateo, S. de; Sánchez Serrano, L.P.

 Collective Imaginery
 ·  Yet this is Canada
García, Ana M.

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