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Gaceta Sanitaria
Print version ISSN 0213-9111


Table of contents
Gac Sanit vol.17 n.4 Barcelona Jul./Aug. 2003

 ·  Taking action against domestic violence: a challenge for public health
Rohlfs, Izabella; Valls-Llobet, Carme

 Editorial Note
 ·  Ethical considerations in the publication of manuscripts in public health journals
Pérez-Hoyos, Santiago; Plasència, Antoni

 Original Articles
 ·  Intimate partner violence in Spain
Vives, C.; Álvarez-Dardet, C.; Caballero, P.

 ·  Determinants of HIV mother-to-child transmission in Catalonia, Spain [1997-2001]: is it possible to eliminate it?
Ramos, F.; García-Fructuoso, M.T.; Almeda, J.; Casabona, J.; Coll, O.; Fortuny, C.

 ·  Comparison of two methods in the analysis of the short-term effect of air pollution on health
Iñíguez, C.; Pérez-Hoyos, S.; Ballester, F.; Sáez, M.

 ·  Management of allocation of positions for specialist medical training
Alonso, M.I.

 ·  Prescription, dispensation and sustitution of prescription forms of omeprazole
Vaquero, M. B.

 Brief Originals
 ·  Marital violence in Barranquilla (Colombia): prevalence and risk factors
Tuesca, R.; Borda, M.

 ·  Changes in concentrations of organochloride compounds in women from Flix, Tarragona [Spain]
Ribas-Fitó, N.; Sunyer, J.; Sala, M.; Grimalt, J.O.

 ·  Current census rates in inpatients hospitalized in the Hospital de Poniente in Almería [Spain]
Salas, J.; Díez, F.; Puerta, J.; Zambrana, J.L.; Delgado, M.; Rivera, F.; Gallego, F.

 ·  The law of the cohesion and quality of the Spanish National Health System
Bohígas, L.

 ·  Decentralization: part of the health system problem or the solution?
López-Casasnovas, G.; Rico, A.

 ·  Public health surveillance systems: let's not ask for the impossible
Mateo, S. de; Regidor, E.

 Field Notes
 ·  Intersectorial activities for traffic accident prevention
Peiró, R.; López, F.; Marrodán, J.; Fernández, C.; Ramírez, C.

 Book Reviews
 In Memorian
 ·  Dr. Carlo Urbani: in memoriam
Vicente, A.

 Collective Imaginary
 ·  Refusal letter

 Letters to the Editor
 ·  Formal complaints of assault against women in Plana Baixa in Castellón, Spain
Arrufat Gallén, V.A.; Criado Juárez, J.; Colomer Revuelta, C.; Albert Linares, S.; Sánchez Diago, R.

 ·  Possible problems of lack of objectivity, transparency, duplicate publication and authorship in the cost-effectiveness analysis of celecoxib
Peiró, S.; Meneu, R.; Ortún, V.; Puig, J.

 ·  Author's reply
Moreno, A.; Vargas, E.; Soto, J.; Rejas, J.

 ·  Editor's note
Plasència, Antoni; Antoñanzas, Fernando; Pérez-Hoyos, Santiago