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Gaceta Sanitaria
versão impressa ISSN 0213-9111


Gac Sanit vol.17 no.6 Barcelona Nov./Dez. 2003

 ·  The role of patient classification systems in the financing of hospital emergencies
Peiró, S.; García-Sempere, A.

 Editorial Note
 ·  To our reviewers, with love
García, Ana M.

 ·  Reviewers of 2003

 Original Articles
 ·  Analysis and classification of hospital emergencies through Ambulatory Patient Groups
Conesa, A.; Vilardell, L.; Muñoz, R.; Casanellas, J.M.; Torre, P.; Gelabert, G.; Trilla, A.; Asenjo, M.A.

 ·  Incidence of invasive pneumococcal disease in Cantabria, Spain, (1995-2001) and implications for the childhood inmunization schedule
González, A.; Viloria, L.J.; Sanz, J.A.; Ansorena, L.

 ·  Invasive pneumococcal disease in children in the community of Valencia, Spain
Goicoechea-Sáez, M.; Fullana-Montoro, A.M.; Momparler-Carrasco, P.; Redondo-Gallego, M.J.; Brines-Solanes, J.; Bueno-Cañigral, F.J.

 ·  Trends in mortality and years of life lost related to alcohol in the Canary Islands, Spain (1980-1998)
Bello, L.M.; Saavedra, P.; Serra, L.

 ·  Imputation of the date of HIV seroconversion in cohorts of haemophiliacs
Pérez-Hoyos, S.; Ferreros, I.; Amo, J. del; Quintana, M.; Ruiz, I.; Cisneros, J.M.; Muga, R.; García de la Hera, M.; Romero, J. del; García de Olalla, P.; Guerrero, R.; Hernández-Aguado, I.; GEMES

 ·  Influence of burnout on pharmaceutical expediture among primary care physicians
Cebrià, J.; Sobrequés, J.; Rodríguez, C.; Segura, J.

 Brief Original
 ·  Impact of a smoke-free workplace policy in a company
Artazcoz, L.; Brotons, M.; Brotons, A.

 ·  Liability for medical malpractice: an economic approach
Carles, M.

 Methodological Note
 ·  Application of artificial neural networks for risk stratification of hospital mortality
Trujillano, J.; March, J.; Badia, M.; Rodríguez, A.; Sorribas, A.

 Notes from the Field
 ·  Review of ethical aspects in biomedical research: the experience of the Ethics Committee of the Center for Toxic Oil Syndrome and Rare Diseases (CISATER)
Martín-Arribas, M.C.; Posada, M.; Terracini, B.; Carballo, F.; Abaitua, I.

 ·  From the municipal dog pound to the pet shelter in Barcelona, Spain
Peracho, V.; Villalbí, J.R.; Llebaría, X.; Armengou, J.M.; Guix, J.

 ·  Warning systems: a priority in epidemiological surveillance
Valencia, R.; Román, E.; García-León, F.J.; Guillén, J.

 Book Reviews
 Collective Imaginary
 ·  Let's live, it's only a couple of days
Porta, Miquel

 Letters to the Editor
 ·  Smoking and lung cancer in Asturias, Spain
Ruano, Alberto

 ·  Autor's reply
Caicoya, M.