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Gaceta Sanitaria
Print version ISSN 0213-9111


Table of contents
Gac Sanit vol.19 n.2 Barcelona Mar./Apr. 2005

 ·  Reflections on measuring health-related quality of life in Spain
Herdman, Michael J.

 Original Articles
 ·  Development of the Spanish version of the KIDSCREEN: a health-related quality of life instrument for children and adolescents
Aymerich, Marta; Berra, Silvina; Guillamón, Imma; Herdman, Michael; Alonso, Jordi; Ravens-Sieberer, Ulrike; Rajmil, Luis

 ·  Design and validation of a questionnaire for the detection of major depression in elderly patients
López-Torres-Hidalgo, Jesús D.; Galdón-Blesa, M. Pilar; Fernández-Olano, Clotilde; Escobar-Rabadán, Francisco; Montoya-Fernández, Julio; Boix-Gras, Clotilde; Montes-Lozano, María J.; Blas-Hernández, Luís Víctor; Cremades-Romero, María L.; Campo-del Campo, José M. del; Arnalich-Fernández, Francisco

 ·  Factors related to dental health in 12-year-old children: a cross-sectional study in pupils
Smyth, Ernesto; Caamaño, Francisco

 ·  Organization, functioning and expectations of patient organizations: Survey of key informers
García-Sempere, Aníbal; José Artells, Juan

 ·  Variables related to job satisfaction: Cross-sectional study using the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model
Robles-García, Mónica; Dierssen-Sotos, Trinidad; Martínez-Ochoa, Eva; Herrera-Carral, Pedro; Díaz-Mendi, Ana Rosa; Llorca-Díaz, Javier

 Review Articles
 ·  The Spanish version of the Short Form 36 Health Survey: a decade of experience and new developments
Vilagut, Gemma; Ferrer, Montse; Rajmil, Luis; Rebollo, Pablo; Permanyer-Miralda, Gaietà; Quintana, José M.; Santed, Rosalía; Valderas, José M.; Domingo-Salvany, Antonia; Alonso, Jordi; Red-IRYSS

 ·  Drugs in the European Union: the health-market tandem
Antoñanzas, Fernando; Rodríguez, Roberto; Sacristán, José Antonio; Illa, Rafael

 Evaluation of Medical Technologies
 ·  Singularization processes: a proposal for continuity between clinical activity and health policy objectives
Beguiristain, José M.; Arrazola, Arantza; Elizalde, Belén; Alkiza, María E.

 Note from the Field
 ·  Opportunities for the 112 Emergency Service to collaborate in public health surveillance
Aldana-Espinal, Josefa María; García-León, Francisco Javier

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