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Gaceta Sanitaria
Print version ISSN 0213-9111


Table of contents
Gac Sanit vol.19 n.6 Barcelona Nov./Dec. 2005

 ·  Lack of exercise, persons, and their context
González, Beatriz

 Original Articles
 ·  Material well-being of the province of residence and leisure-time physical inactivity
Pascual, Cruz; Regidor, Enrique; Gutiérrez-Fisac, Juan L.; Martínez, David; Calle, María E.; Domínguez, Vicente

 ·  Comparison between telephone and self-administration of Short Form Health Survey Questionnaire (SF-36)
García, María; Rohlfs, Izabella; Vila, Joan; Sala, Joan; Pena, Araceli; Masiá, Rafael; Marrugat, Jaume; REGICOR Investigators

 ·  Analysis of factors related to smoking initiation and continued smoking in young adolescents
Caballero-Hidalgo, Araceli; González, Beatriz; Pinilla, Jaime; Barber, Patricia

 ·  Variability in outpatient resource use in mental health services for children and adolescents
Alday, Juan; Alonso, Virginia; Fernández-Calatrava, Belén; García-Baró, Raquel; González-Juárez, Carlos; Pérez-Pérez, Esther; Poza, Alfonso

 ·  Evaluation of vaccination programs through serological studies and distributed vaccines
Plans, Pedro

 ·  Burnout syndrome in health workers and relationship with personal and environmental factors
Grau, Armand; Suñer, Rosa; García, María M.; Grupo de Estudio del Síndrome de Desgaste Profesional en los Hospitales de Girona

 ·  Commentary: the professional burnout syndrome as a public health problem
Cebrià-Andreu, Jordi

 Brief Original
 ·  Trends in preventive drug prescription in the Primary Care District of Seville (2000-2003)
Monroy-Morcillo, Ana; Márquez-Calderón, Soledad; Molina-López, Teresa; Domínguez-Camacho, Juan C.; Bermúdez-Tamayo, Clara; Escolar-Pujolar, Antonio

 ·  General Agreement on Trade in Services and its implications for public health
Umaña-Peña, Román; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos

 Methodological Note
 ·  Analysis of mortality time trend using generalized linear models
Puig, Xavi; Ginebra, Josep; Gispert, Rosa

 Letter to the Editor
 ·  Alcohol drinking in drivers in roads of high risk of traffic accident in the west of Cuba (2002)
Guanche-Garcell, Humberto; Suárez-Enríquez, Tomás; Gutiérrez-García, Francisco; Martínez-Quesada, Carlos; Mendoza-Pérez, Ramón

 ·  On the evaluation of complex interventions in a real world
Rosich, Isabel; Soler, Maria

 ·  From «recommended» NSAIDs to the NSAIDs recommendation
Peiró, Salvador; Cervera, Pedro

 ·  Failed evaluation of two educative interventions on coxibs prescription in one healthcare area
Galeote, Marisol

 Bibliographic Information
 Collective Imaginary
 ·  This is not theatre
Bimbela-Pedrola, José L.