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Gaceta Sanitaria
Print version ISSN 0213-9111


Table of contents
Gac Sanit vol.20 n.6 Barcelona Nov./Dec. 2006

 ·  The National Death Index: a largely expected advance in the access to mortality data
Navarro, Carmen

 Editorial Note
 ·  Our visitors: online activity of Gaceta Sanitaria
Galán, Iñaki

 Original Articles
 ·  Gender systems and/in the Spanish National Health Interview Survey
Ruiz Cantero, María Teresa; Papí Gálvez, Natalia; Carbrera Ruiz, Virginia; Ruiz Martínez, Ana; Álvarez-Dardet Díaz, Carlos

 ·  Diagnosis of allergic asthma in allergy and pneumology outpatient clinics
Borderías, Luis; García-Ortega, Pilar; Badia, Xavier; Casafont, Jordi; Gambús, Gemma; Roset, Montserrat; Grupo Prevalair

 ·  Characteristics and trends of newly diagnosed HIV-infections, 2000-2004
Castilla, Jesús; Lorenzo, José Manuel; Izquierdo, Ana; Lezaun, María Eugenia; López, Irene; Moreno-Iribas, Conchi; Nuñez, Domingo; Perucha, Milagros; R'kaina Liesfi, Cleopatra; Zulaika, Daniel

 ·  Comment: it is necessary to know who gets HIV infected
Pérez Hoyos, Santiago

 ·  A pilot program to improve causes of death certification in primary care of Catalonia, Spain
Abós, Rafael; Pérez, Glòria; Rovira, Enric; Canela, Jaume; Domènech, Jaume; Bardina, Josep R.

 ·  An approach to «quality-adjusted life years» quality of life weights from self-assessed health status
García-Altés, Anna; Pinilla, Jaime; Peiró, Salvador

 ·  Patients, physicians and nurses: three different points of view on the same issue. Attitudes to and perceptions of patient rights
Guix Oliver, Joan; Fernández Ballart, Joan; Sala Barbany, Joan

 ·  Geographical distribution and time trends of suicide mortality in Catalonia and Spain (1986-2002)
Arán Barés, María; Gispert, Rosa; Puig, Xavier; Freitas, Adriana; Ribas, Gloria; Puigdefàbregas, Anna

 Brief Original
 ·  Mortality and morbidity from disasters in Spain
Arcos González, Pedro; Pérez-Berrocal Alonso, Jorge; Castro Delgado, Rafael; Cadavieco González, Beatriz

 ·  Coordination among healthcare levels: systematization of tools and measures
Terraza Núñez, Rebeca; Vargas Lorenzo, Ingrid; Vázquez Navarrete, María Luisa

 Special Article
 ·  Health sentinel networks in Spain: consensus for a guide of principles and methods
Vega Alonso, Agustín Tomás; Zurriaga Llorens, Óscar; Galmés Truyols, Antònia; Lozano Alonso, José Eugenio; Paisán Maestro, Laura; Gil Costa, Milagros; Herrero Llorente, Azucena; Ramos Aceitero, Julián Mauro; proyecto RECENT

 ·  About the transfer of Western experiences to the Eastern Europe: some avoidable errors when advising on health-care reforms
Durán, Antonio; Gérvas, Juan

 Field Notes
 ·  Injuries from domestic violence in the Autonomous Community of Valencia. Spain
Escribà-Agüir, Vicenta; Barona-Vilar, Carmen; Calvo-Mas, Consuelo; Carpio-Gesta, Maria Luisa; Fullana-Montoro, Ana

 Letters to the Editor
 ·  Alcoholism in bus drivers
Guanche Garcell, Humberto; Martínez Quesada, Carlos; García Ternblom, Carlos E.; Gutiérrez García, Francisco; Peña Sandoval, Rosa

 ·  Recovering birthdate: immigration and health in Catalonia
Torres Puig-grós, Juan

 Collective Imaginary
 ·  The symbolism of containers
Corominas, Aurora

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