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Gaceta Sanitaria
Print version ISSN 0213-9111


Table of contents
Gac Sanit vol.21 n.4 Barcelona Jul./Aug. 2007

 ·  Ethical considerations involving reports by health professionals of violence against women
Aretio Romero, Antonia

 Editorial Notes
 ·  Where we are with methodological notes: is it worth continuing?
Pérez-Hoyos, Santiago

 ·  Politics, policy and public health
Hernández-Aguado, Ildefonso; Fernández-Cano, Paloma

 Original Articles
 ·  Adaptation and validation of a questionnaire on susceptibility, benefits and barriers in breast cancer screening with mammography
Esteva, Magdalena; Ripoll, Joana; Sánchez-Contador, Carmen; Collado, Francisca; Tebé, Cristian; Castaño, Eusebi; Torrent, Matías

 ·  Impact of a clinical self-evaluation intervention on the appropriateness of hospital stays
Monteis Catot, Jaume; Martín-Baranera, Montserrat; Soler, Nikita; Vilaró, Josep; Moya, Carlos; Martínez, Francesc; Riu, Marta; Puig, Carme; Riba, Antoni; Navarro, Gemma; Espinagosa, Assumpta; Carrasco Gómez, Genís; Castells, Xavier; Peiró, Salvador

 ·  Epidemic of intimate partner violence against women in Spain: temporal distribution and victim age
Vives-Cases, Carmen; Carrasco-Portiño, Mercedes; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos

 ·  Patterns of health services use and costs in patients with mental disorders in primary care
Sicras Mainar, Antoni; Rejas Gutiérrez, Javier; Navarro Artieda, Ruth; Serrat Tarrés, Josep; Blanca Tamayo, Milagrosa; Díaz Cerezo, Silvia

 ·  The economics of mental health in Spain: an unsolved issue?
Salvador-Carulla, Luis

 Brief Reports
 ·  Hospital and primary care emergency services in Asturias (Spain): variations among health areas and trends between 1994-2001
Oterino de la Fuente, David; Baños Pino, José Francisco; Fernández Blanco, Víctor; Rodríguez Álvarez, Ana; Peiró, Salvador

 ·  Inconsistent condom use among socially excluded heroin users
March, Joan Carles; Oviedo-Joekes, Eugenia; Romero, Manuel

 ·  Meteorological variables do not explain the North-South gradient in mortality from multiple sclerosis in Spain
Guerrero-Alonso, Paula; Prieto-Salceda, Dolores; Llorca, Javier

 ·  Acrylamide in potato crisps and snack foods produced in the autonomous Community of Valencia (Spain)
Zubeldia Lauzurica, Lourdes; Gomar Fayos, Josefa

 Politics, Policy and Public Health
 ·  Innovation in health policy: respondign to the health society
Kickbusch, Ilona

 Review Article
 ·  Cold chain maintenance in vaccines: a systematic review
Ortega Molina, Paloma; Astasio Arbiza, Paloma; Albaladejo Vicente, Romana; Arrazola Martínez, Pilar; Villanueva Orbáiz, Rosa; Juanes Pardo, José Ramón de

 Special Article
 ·  Ten statements on the future of public health in Europe
European Public Health Association

 That 20 years is nothing
 ·  Gaceta Sanitaria: it's worthwhile!
Plasència, Antoni

 Note from the Field
 ·  Study of refrigeration towers associated with community outbreaks of legionellosis
Parrilla Valero, Fernando; Chacón Villanueva, Susana; Pérez Lleonart, Albert

 Letter to the Editor
 ·  Closing the gap between theory and practice in public health
León, Juan Andrés

 Collective Imaginary
 ·  On death and deaths
Rebagliato, Marisa

 Bibliographic Information
 Bosch, Anna; Clèries, Montse