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Gaceta Sanitaria
Print version ISSN 0213-9111


Table of contents
Gac Sanit vol.21 n.5 Barcelona Sep./Oct. 2007

 ·  The law on effective equality between men and women: a step forward
Pérez, Glòria

 Original Articles
 ·  The advertising message of drugs advertisements in Spanish medical journals
Castaño Riera, Eusebi J.; Oterino de la Fuente, David; Rodríguez Rodríguez, Rosa M.

 ·  Trends in social inequalities in pregnancy care in Barcelona (Spain), 1994-97 versus 2000-03
Salvador, Joaquín; Cano-Serral, Gemma; Rodríguez-Sanz, Maica; Villalbí, Joan R.; Cunillé, Montserrat; Ricart, Montserrat; Roig, Angelina; Lladonosa, Anna; Borrell, Carme

 ·  Changes in physicians' attitudes to computerized ambulatory medical record systems: a longitudinal qualitative study
Dawidowski, Adriana Ruth; Toselli, Luzia; Roberto Luna, Daniel; Oberti, Pablo Fernando; Soto, María Aracelli; Bernaldo de Quirós, FernánGonzález

 ·  Descriptive epidemiology of non-meningococcal bacterial meningitis in the province of Saragossa [Spain] from 1999 to 2004: evaluation of the Epidemiological Surveillance System
Rodrigo Val, María Pilar; Guimbao, Joaquín; Vergara, Alberto; Varela, Carmen; Mateo, Salvador de; Herrera, Dionisio

 ·  Two methods to analyze trends in the incidence of heroin and cocaine use in Barcelona [Spain]
Sánchez-Niubò, Albert; Domingo-Salvany, Antònia; Gómez Melis, Guadalupe; Teresa Brugal, M.; Scalia-Tomba, Gianpaolo

 Brief Originals
 ·  Differences between prescription and dispensing of generic medicines in primary care: when the exception is the rule
Ricarte Díez, José I.; Benounna, Hatim; Velarde Mayol, Cristina; Torres García, Rafael M.

 ·  Comment: substitution at pharmacies and generic market
Puig-Junoy, Jaume

 ·  Scientific production in bioethics in Spain through MEDLINE
Belinchón, Isabel; Ramos, José Manuel; Bellver, Vicente

 ·  A survey of gastroprotective drugs: prescription-indication in hospitalized patients
Hermida Ameijeiras, Álvaro; Cabana González, Belén; Lorenzo Zúñiga, Vicente

 That 20 years is nothing
 ·  Statistics and public health: the argument of the numerical method
Bernabeu-Mestre, Josep

 ·  Influence of big cities’ lifestyle on the health and longevity of their population: study applied to our city
Nin y Pullés, José A.

 Review Article
 ·  Systematic review of studies on the socioeconomic status of men who batter their intimate partners
Vives-Cases, Carmen; Gil-González, Diana; Carrasco-Portiño, Mercedes; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos

 Letter to the Editor
 ·  Is racism an important issue in public health in Spain?
Gil-González, Diana; Vives-Cases, Carmen; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos

 Collective Imaginary
 ·  Sanitary «progress» = more? Or less and better?

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