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Revista Cubana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 0864-3466


Table of contents
Rev. cub. salud pública vol.36 n.2 La Habana May./Jun. 2010

 ·  Intersectoriality, a technology that grows fast
Castell-Florit Serrate, Pastor

 ·  Quality of mortality data in Cuba according to quantification of unspecific causes of death
Zacca Peña, Eduardo; Gran Álvarez, Miriam A; Martínez Morales, Miguel A; Fernández Viera, María R

 ·  Quality of mortality data in the Cuban provinces according to quantification of unspecific causes of death
Gran Álvarez, Miriam A; Zacca Peña, Eduardo; Fernández Viera, María R; Martínez Morales, Miguel A

 ·  Fifteen-year trends in cancer mortality in Argentina, Cuba and Uruguay
Loria, Dora; Lence Anta, Juan J; Guerra Yí, Marta E; Galán Álvarez, Yaima; Barrios Herrera, Enrique; Alonso Barbeito, Rafael; Abriata, Graciela; Fernández Garrote, Leticia M

 ·  Prevalence and perception of the smoking risk in the health area cared for by "Dr Jorge Ruíz Ramírez" polyclinics
Suárez Lugo, Nery; Campos Pupo, Elizabeth

 ·  Gender and health profiles in Cuba
Castañeda Abascal, Ileana Elena; Corral Martín, Ariadna; Barzaga Torres, Manuel

 ·  Methodological strategy for the evaluation of professional competencies in Hygiene and Epidemiology specialists
Perdomo, Irene Victoria; Martínez Calvo, Silvia

 ·  The Group Process in a community-based nutricional educational Project
Valadez Figueroa, Isabel de la A; Fausto Guerra, Josefina; González Gallegos, Noé

 ·  Needs, realities and possibilities of the Cuban public health system in the light of the population aging
Collazo Ramos, Milagros Isabel; Calero Ricardo, Jorge Luis; Rodríguez Cabrera, Aida Leonor

 ·  Notes on the approach to complexity and its application in the field of healthcare
Betancourt Betancourt, José Antonio; Ramis Andalia, Rina M

 ·  Methodology for the work performance evaluation in the health sector
Urbina Laza, Omayda

 ·  Quality management system in health: present situation and prospects in the primary health care
Amador Porro, Carlos O; Cubero Menéndez, Ormandy

 ·  The abstract of the scientific research article and some recommendations for writing
Silva Hernández, Dania

 ·  To be a scientist and to do science
Dorta Contreras, Alberto Juan

 ·  Regulations issued in the Republic of Argentina for conducting clinical trials on drugs
Pérez Machín, Maykel; Arabetti, Celso

 Comunicación Breve
 ·  Domestic violence at the older age
Urrusuno Carvajal, Florángel; Rodríguez Fernández, Roberto; Vázquez Abreu, Regla Lidia

 ·  Juan José Apolinaire Pennini