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Revista Cubana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 0864-3466


Table of contents
Rev. cub. salud pública vol.36 n.3 La Habana Jul./Sep. 2010

 ·  Interdiscipline and intersectoriality
Rojas Ochoa, Francisco

 ·  Culture on motherhood and fatherhood and its impact on the concept of infertility
Díaz Bernal, Zoe; García Jordá, Dailys

 ·  Fetal mortality tables by gestational age and the weight of the conception outcome
Martínez Barreiro, Luis Armando; Herrera León, Lorenzo

 ·  Research on health systems and services in Cuba and their goals towards 2015
Rojo Pérez, Nereida; Laria Menchaca, Sara; Castell-Florit Serrate, Pastor; Pérez Piñero, Julia; Barroso Romero, Zoila; Bayarre Vea, Héctor

 ·  Introduction of research and development results in the Cuban healthcare system
Núñez Sellés, Alberto J.

 ·  Health cost and clinical co-responsibility from a management approach
Carnota Lauzán, Orlando

 ·  Critical methodological aspects of the health economic assessments in the Cuban setting
García Fariñas, Anaí; Gálvez González, Ana María; García Rodríguez, José Félix

 ·  Social protection on health as a way of confronting the economic crisis
Hadad Hadad, Jorge Luis; Valdés Llanes, Elías

 ·  Challenges to universality with health equity in Latin America in the 21st century
Suárez Jiménez, Julio Manuel

 ·  Evolution of the Cuban medical co-operation during one hundred years of existence of the Ministry of Public Health
Marimón Torres, Nestor; Martínez Cruz, Evelyn

 ·  Integration of public health specialists, epidemiologists and clinicians for the care of patients suffering chronic diseases
Espinosa Brito, Alfredo; Ordúñez García, Pedro O.

 ·  Social exclusion and sudden cardiac death
Ochoa Montes, Luis Alberto

 ·  Neurology of resilience and disasters
Naranjo Álvarez, Rolando J.

 Comunicación Breve
 ·  Praise of a student for his health professor
Suárez Rosas, Luis

 ·  Introduction to the Meeting of Graduates from Master´s courses of the National School of Public Health
Castell-Florit Serrate, Pastor

 ·  Health, Disease, Responsibility and Quality of Life
González Pérez, Ubaldo

 ·  Iberoamerican Network of Epidemiology and Information Systems on Cancer
Fernández Garrote, Leticia M.

 ·  Organization management for the local Ph.D. in Health Sciences studies in Holguín
Ochoa Alonso, Alcides Abad; Rodríguez Cabrera, Aida

 ·  Improved access to clinical assay information
Acosta Martínez, Maylén; Rodríguez Valdés, Daylis; Viada González, Carmen; Ramos Suzarte, Mayra; Corrales Reyna, Eduardo; Frías Blanco, Aliuska; Santiesteban González, Yanela; Wilkinson Brito, Bárbara; Martínez Pérez, Liana; Troche Concepción, Mayelin; Valencia Jarvis, Natacha; Valencia Jarvis, María Esther; Torres Gemeil, Olga