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Revista Cubana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 0864-3466


Table of contents
Rev. cub. salud pública vol.37 n.1 La Habana Jan./Mar. 2011

 ·  Fighting for better health of the peoples
Rojas Ochoa, Francisco

 ·  The acceptance of disease and the treatment adherence in the patient with epilepsy
Fabelo Roche, Justo R; Martín Alfonso, Libertad; Iglesias Moré, Serguei

 ·  Effectiveness of a respiratory rehabilitation program on patients with multiple sclerosis
Real González, Yanely; López Hernández, Mayda Nelia; Díaz Márquez, Roberto; Cabrera Gómez, José Antonio

 ·  Some clarifications about the mortality from cardiovascular diseases in Cuba
Seuc, Armando H; Domínguez Alonso, Emma; Torres Vidal, Rosa María; Varona Pérez, Patricia

 ·  Epidemiological and social characterization of the mentally-retarded people in Cuba
Cobas Ruíz, Marcia; Zacca Peña, Eduardo; Lantigua Cruz, Paulina Aracelis; Portuondo Sao, Miriam; Morales Calatayud, Francisco; Icart Pereira, Emelia

 ·  Food policy interventions during 25 years of democracy in Argentina
Maceira, Daniel; Stechina, Mariana

 ·  Safe use and microbiological risks of wastewater for agriculture
González González, María Isabel; Chiroles Rubalcaba, Sergio

 ·  The Cuban drug regulatory authority: experience gained and training offered to other Latin American agencies in authorizing clinical trials
Orta Hernández, Santa Deybis

 ·  Gender perspective and the physician-patient relationship in treating infertility
Díaz Bernal, Zoe; García Jordá, Dailys

 ·  Paradoxes, controversies, speeches and realities of smoking in Cuba
Suárez Lugo, Nery

 ·  Taxonomic criterium for the alcohol consumption patterns
González Menéndez, Ricardo

 ·  Economic assessment as necessary supplement for a better assessment of risk management
Herrera Travieso, Delia Mercedes; García Fariñas, Anaí

 ·  Vaccine safety and its impact on the population
Galindo Santana, Belkys María; Arroyo Rojas, Lellanis; Concepción Díaz, Damarys

 ·  Chagas´s disease as a social remainder in health care
Guadalupe Pérez, Silvia María; Hernández Meléndrez, Edelsys; Rodríguez Cabrera, Aida

 Carta al Editor
 ·  Detected mistake
Rojas Ochoa, Francisco