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Revista Cubana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 0864-3466


Table of contents
Rev. cub. salud pública vol.37 n.2 La Habana Apr./Jun. 2011

 ·  The last pandemic suffered by mankind
Pazos Beceiro, Carlos

 ·  Prevention of intestinal parasitosis based on the distance learning techniques
Agüin, Victor; Melendez, Rosa; Cisneros, Ligia Elena

 ·  Initial diagnosis of the cadres registered for the Health Management Diploma´s course in Camagüey province
Abay Debs, Vivian; Benítez Quevedo, Gloria; Monzón Torres, Luis

 ·  Instrument for evaluation of the organizational environment in the vector control groups
Noriega Bravo, Vivian de las Mercedes; Pría Barros, María del Carmen

 ·  Methodology for characterization of a health service network and its use in the Ecuadorean context
López Puig, Pedro; Alonso Carbonell, Liuba; García Milian, Ana Julia; Serrano Patten, Ana Caridad; Ramírez León, Laura B

 ·  The family facing up to drug dependency in adolescents
Serrano Patten, Ana Caridad; Rodríguez Cárdenas, Nadia; Louro Bernal, Isabel

 ·  Social determinants, health inequalities, and policies as subjects of research
Santos Padrón, Hilda

 ·  The role of the civil society in the building of equitable health systems
Vega Romero, Román; Torres Tovar, Mauricio

 ·  The cardiovascular diseases, the sub-national health system management and the recommendations for a plan of action
Suárez Jiménez, Julio Manuel

 ·  Surveillance of processes and results in the prevention of the nosocomial infections
Guanche Garcell, Humberto

 ·  Definitions, characteristics and problems in the use of health indicators
López Pardo, Cándido M.; Alonso Galbán, Patricia

 ·  Health and development in Latin America
Muñoz Muñoz, Sonia

 ·  Design of a surveillance system for blood transfusion-borne infections in Cienfuegos province
Sánchez Frenes, Pedro; Fariñas Reinoso, Ana Teresa; Rojo Pérez, Nereida; Hernández Malpica, Sara

 ·  First specialized outpatient service center in Cuba
Falcón Hernández, Arelys; Orduñez García, Pedro O.; De Pazos Carrazana, Juan L.; Molina Lois, Rosa Mirta; Aloma Díaz, Darío; Navarro Machado, Víctor Rene

 Comunicación Breve
 ·  Oral presentation of scientific results
Baster Moro, Juan Carlos

 ·  Cesarean: critical analysis and recommendations to reduce morbidity
Vázquez Cabrera, Juan

 ·  Employment, work and inequalities in health: global vision
Benach, Joan; Muntaner, Carles; Solar, Orielle; Santana, Vilma; Quinlan, Michael