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Revista Cubana de Salud Pública
versão impressa ISSN 0864-3466


Rev. cub. salud pública vol.37 no.4 La Habana Out./Dez. 2011

 ·  Social policies and the population´s health
Rojas Ochoa, Francisco

 Simposio Roberto Pereda Chávez in memorian
 ·  Roberto Pereda Chávez in the internacional public health
Rojas Ochoa, Francisco

 ·  Reflections on the international public health
González Fernández, Antonio

 ·  The Cuban experience in the south-south cooperation
Marimón Torres, Nestor; Martínez Cruz, Evelyn

 ·  Criteria and indicators for the characterization of integration in the national health care system
López Puig, Pedro; Torres Esperón, Maricela; Segredo Pérez, Alina María; Alonso Carbonell, Liuba; Martínez Trujillo, Nelcy

 ·  Characteristics of pregnant women and puerperae with influenza-like illness during the A(H1N1) pandemic
Serra Valdés, Miguel A.; Sáez Cantero, Viviana; O'Farril Lazo, Rosario

 ·  Healthy years of life lost due to lung cancer in Cuba in selected years
Domínguez Alonso, Emma; Seuc Jo, Armando; Galán, Yaima

 ·  Practical method for diagnosis and control of an outbreak of nosocomial infection at the neonatology service
Ávila González, José Luís

 ·  Equity and investment in the public health system of the Republic of Peru
Monje Vargas, José Antonio

 ·  Violence and fear for life seen in women from Jalisco who are abused by their partners
Estrada Pineda, Cristina; Rodríguez Díaz, Francisco Javier

 ·  Prevalence of risky sexual behaviours in the adult population of Colombia
Varela Arévalo, María Teresa; Correa Sánchez, Diego; Arrivillaga Quintero, Marcela; Zapata Ossa, Helmer de Jesús; Hoyos Hernández, Paula Andrea; Tovar Cuevas, Luis Miguel

 ·  Once again, moving from the old to the new epidemiology
Ramis Andalia, Rina M.

 ·  Chronic diseases and daily life
Ledón Llanes, Loraine

 ·  Community-wide dengue intervention as social intervention
Hoyos Rivera, Antulio

 ·  The environmental protection and health-a social and ethical challenge
Rodríguez Morales, Vilma; Bustamante Alfonso, Leticia M.; Mirabal Jean-Claude, Magdalena

 ·  The cooperation of Cuba and the United Nations in the field of health
Hadad Hadad, Jorge L.

 ·  Present situation of the formation of Doctors of Philosophy in health sciences
Castañeda Abascal, Ileana Elena; Castell-Florit Serrate, Pastor; Rodríguez Cabrera, Aida; Fernández Garrote, Leticia; Iglesia Duquesne, Magaly; Ochoa Alonso, Alcides

 Comunicación Breve
 ·  Development of the "Mission Miracle" in Venezuela
Agüin, Victor

 Carta al Editor
 ·  About the primary health care
Pérez Maza, Benito

 ·  Systematization: experience and good practice at the local health care. A methodological guideline
Rojas Ochoa, Francisco; Terry González, Susana; González López, Roxana; Miyar Abreu, Rolando