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Revista Cubana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 0864-3466


Table of contents
Rev. cub. salud pública vol.38 n.1 La Habana Jan./Mar. 2012

 ·  The peer-reviewing of medical journals, the editorial management in network and the quality of the scientific publication
Silva Ayçaguer, Luis Carlos

 ·  The price of cigarettes and the reduction of smoking in Cuba
Suárez Lugo, Nery

 ·  Adverse events after treatment with the transfer factor
Cruz Barrios, María Aida; Rodríguez Montiel, Blanca Nieves; Furones Mourelle, Juan Antonio; Alfonso Orta, Ismary; Rodríguez Piñero, Deborah

 ·  Two risk adjustment methods for length of stay as indicator of hospital performance
Tamargo Barbeito, Teddy Osmin; Jiménez Paneque, Rosa Eugenia; Gutiérrez Rojas, Ángela Rosa; Mora Díaz, Isabel

 ·  Abortion in teenagers within the legal contex
Álvarez Vázquez, Luisa; Salomón Avich, Nelli

 ·  Preoperative evaluation of patients included in "Miracle Mission" cooperation program in Cienfuegos province
Pacheco González, José Danilo; Santana Sánchez, Luis Enrique; González Melian, Luisa; González Valdés, María de los Ángeles

 ·  Institucional and community perceptions on addictive behaviours in Guayaquil
Fabelo Roche, Justo Reinaldo; Iglesias Moré, Serguei; Díaz Llanes, Guillermo

 ·  Implementation of the Prevention and Control Program of Suicidal Behaviours in Nueva Paz municipality
Aguilar Hernández, Idalberto; Louro Bernal, Isabel; Perera Milian, Leidis Sandra

 ·  Motives of disuse of pedestrian bridges in Arequipa
Arias Gallegos, Walter L

 ·  Bacillus cereus and food poisoning
Pérez Portuondo, Irasema

 ·  Approach to the evolution of changes in health services in Cuba
Iñiguez Rojas, Luisa

 ·  Approach to the role of the social exclusion processes and their relation with health
Agost Felip, María Raquel; Martín Alfonso, Libertad

 ·  Theoretical, methodological and instrumental problems for the study of quality of life in HIV persons in Angola
Nhamba, Lucas Antonio; Hernández Meléndrez, Edelsys; Bayarre Vea, Héctor Demetrio; Gamba Janota, Maria

 ·  Ethical dilemma of euthanasia
Creagh Peña, Mabel

 ·  Los experimentos de Hawthorne
Hart, C.W. M

 Comunicación Breve
 ·  Older adults as caregivers for aged persons
Baster Moro, Juan Carlos

 ·  Landmarks of research in the National School of Public Health, 1977-2010
Rojo Pérez, Nereida; Valenti Pérez, Carmen