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Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1020-4989


Table of contents
Rev Panam Salud Publica vol.11 n.5-6 Washington May./Jun. 2002

 ·  Las muchas dimensiones de la equidad en la salud
Casas-Zamora, Juan Antonio; Gwatkin, Davidson R.

 ·  The many dimensions of health equity
Casas-Zamora, Juan Antonio; Gwatkin, Davidson R.

 From the Director
 ·  La equidad y la meta de Salud para todos
Alleyne, George A. O.

 ·  Equity and the goal of Health for all
Alleyne, George A. O.

 ·  ¿Por qué la equidad en salud?
Sen, Amartya

 ·  La necesidad de hacer reformas del sector de la salud orientadas hacia la equidad
Gwatkin, Davidson R.

 ·  Pobreza y desigualdades en el sector de la salud
Wagstaff, Adam

 ·  Gender, equity, and access to health services: an empirical approximation
Gómez Gómez, Elsa

 Original Research
 ·  Inequalities in health in Latin America and the Caribbean: descriptive and exploratory results for self-reported health problems and health care in twelve countries
Dachs, J. Norberto W.; Ferrer, Marcela; Florez, Carmen Elisa; Barros, Aluisio J. D.; Narváez, Rory; Valdivia, Martín

 ·  Social inequality and child malnutrition in four Andean countries
Larrea, Carlos; Freire, Wilma

 ·  Utilization of health care services in Brazil: gender, family characteristics, and social status
Travassos, Cláudia; Viacava, Francisco; Pinheiro, Rejane; Brito, Alexandre

 ·  Information for health equity in Chile
Arteaga, Óscar; Thollaug, Susan; Nogueira, Ana Cristina; Darras, Christian

 ·  Inequities in access to and use of drinking water services in Latin America and the Caribbean
Soares, Luiz Carlos Rangel; Griesinger, Marilena O.; Dachs, J. Norberto W.; Bittner, Marta A.; Tavares, Sonia

 Current Topics
 ·  Health, human development, and governance in Latin America and the Caribbean at the beginning of the 21st century
Casas-Zamora, Juan Antonio

 ·  Inequities in access to information and inequities in health
Pellegrini Filho, Alberto

 ·  Using household surveys and other information sources to study health equity in Latin America and the Caribbean
Dachs, J. Norberto W.

 ·  Policy tools for achieving more equitable financing of and access to health care services in Latin America and the Caribbean
Suárez-Berenguela, Rubén M.

 ·  Globalization, international trade, and health equity
Vieira, Cesar

 ·  Information, communication, and equity: dilemmas in health
Lolas, Fernando

 ·  Gender equity in health sector reform policies in Latin America and the Caribbean
Gómez Gómez, Elsa

 ·  Equity and systems of intergenerational transfers in Latin America and the Caribbean
Pelaez, Martha; Martinez, Iveris

 ·  The law and equity in health
Bolis, Mónica

 ·  Health impact assessment and inequalities
Barnes, Ruth; Scott-Samuel, Alex

 ·  Equity, gender, and health: challenges for action
Gómez Gómez, Elsa

 ·  The Virtual Library in Equity, Health, and Human Development
Valdés, América

 ·  Health and inequality: institutions and public policies in the 21st century
Giovanella, Lígia; Vaitsman, Jeni; Escorel, Sarah; Magalhães, Rosana; Costa, Nilson do Rosário

 ·  People of African descent in the Region of the Americas and health equity
Torres, Cristina

 ·  Glosario de epidemiología social
Krieger, Nancy