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Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1020-4989


Table of contents
Rev Panam Salud Publica vol.18 n.4-5 Washington Oct./Nov. 2005

 ·  Mental health: a public health priority in the Americas
Periago, Mirta Roses

 ·  Mental disorders in Latin America and the Caribbean: a public health priority
Kohn, Robert; Levav, Itzhak; Almeida, José Miguel Caldas de; Vicente, Benjamín; Andrade, Laura; Caraveo-Anduaga, Jorge J.; Saxena, Shekhar; Saraceno, Benedetto

 ·  Alcohol consumption and burden of disease in the Americas: implications for alcohol policy
Rehm, Jürgen; Monteiro, Maristela

 ·  Substance use, risk situations, and HIV seroprevalence among individuals seeking free HIV testing in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Pechansky, Flavio; Kessler, Felix; Von Diemen, Lísia; Inciardi, James A; Surratt, Hilary

 ·  The epidemiology of schizophrenia and other common mental health disorders in the English-speaking Caribbean
Hickling, Frederick W

 ·  Service use patterns among adults with mental health problems in Chile
Vicente, Benjamín; Kohn, Robert; Saldivia, Sandra; Rioseco, Pedro; Torres, Silverio

 ·  A window of opportunity: declining rates of hepatitis B virus infection among injection drug users in Rio de Janeiro, and prospects for targeted hepatitis B vaccination
Oliveira, Sabrina A. N.; Hacker, Mariana A; Oliveira, M. Lourdes A.; Yoshida, Clara F. T; Telles, Paulo R.; Bastos, Francisco I.

 ·  Evaluation of the Program for Depression Detection, Diagnosis, and Comprehensive Treatment in primary care in Chile
Alvarado, Rubén; Vega, Jorge; Sanhueza, Gabriel; Muñoz, María Graciela

 ·  Psychological and psychopathological reactions in Honduras following Hurricane Mitch: implications for service planning
Kohn, Robert; Levav, Itzhak; Donaire, Irma; Machuca, Miguel; Tamashiro, Rita

 ·  Managing epilepsy in the primary care network in Brazil: are health professionals prepared?
Li, Li Min; Fernandes, Paula Teixeira; Mory, Susana; Noronha, Ana Lucia Andrade; Boer, Hanneke M. de; Espíndola, Javier; Miranda, Claudio; Sander, Josemir W.; Prilipko, Leonid

 Literature Review
 ·  Human immunodeficiency virus, AIDS, and drug consumption in South America and the Caribbean: epidemiological evidence and initiatives to curb the epidemic
Hacker, Mariana A; Malta, Monica; Enriquez, Melissa; Bastos, Francisco I

 Special Reports
 ·  Technical cooperation strategies of the Pan American Health Organization in the new phase of mental health services reform in Latin America and the Caribbean
Almeida, José Miguel Caldas de

 ·  Evidence-based alcohol policy in the Americas: strengths, weaknesses, and future challenges
Babor, Thomas F.; Caetano, Raul

 ·  An integrated program to train local health care providers to meet post-disaster mental health needs
Kutcher, Stan; Chehil, Sonia; Roberts, Thorne

 Current Topics
 ·  The National Mental Health Plan in Chile: 10 years of experience
Minoletti, Alberto; Zaccaria, Alessandra

 ·  Child and adolescent mental health in Latin America and the Caribbean: problems, progress, and policy research
Belfer, Myron Lowell; Rohde, Luis Augusto

 ·  Mental health and due process in the Americas: protecting the human rights of persons involuntarily admitted to and detained in psychiatric institutions
Gable, Lance; Vásquez, Javier; O. Gostin, Lawrence; Jiménez, Heidi V

 ·  Human rights and deinstitutionalization: a success story in the Americas
Hillman, Alison A