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Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1020-4989


Table of contents
Rev Panam Salud Publica vol.20 n.2-3 Washington Aug./Sep. 2006

 From de Director
 ·  La física radiológica dentro del marco de la cooperación técnica de la OPS
Periago, Mirta Roses

 ·  Radiological physics within the framework of PAHO technical cooperation programs
Periago, Mirta Roses

 Introductory Overview
 ·  El papel de la radiología diagnóstica y terapéutica en el campo de la salud pública
Borrás, Cari

 ·  The role of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology in the field of public health
Borrás, Cari

 Historical Background
 ·  History of the radiological health program of the Pan American Health Organization
Hanson, Gerald P.; Borrás, Cari; Jiménez, Pablo

 Articles and Special Reports
 ·  The role of professional networks in radiology services
Southon, Gray

 ·  Accreditation of diagnostic imaging services in developing countries
Jiménez, Pablo; Borrás, Cari; Fleitas, Ileana

 ·  The quality of radiology services in five Latin American countries
Fleitas, Ileana; Caspani, Carlos C.; Borrás, Cari; Plazas, Maria-Cristina; Miranda, Alberto A.; Brandan, Maria-Ester; Mora, Roxana de la

 ·  Screening mammography: a successful public health initiative
Feig, Stephen A.

 ·  Positron emission tomography: a new modality in Brazilian nuclear medicine
Robilotta, Cecil Chow

 ·  New technologies: needs and challenges in radiotherapy in Latin America
Castellanos, María Esperanza

 ·  Normal tissue complications after radiation therapy
Hendry, Jolyon H.; Jeremic, Branislav; Zubizarreta, Eduardo H.

 ·  Postal dose audits for radiotherapy centers in Latin America and the Caribbean: trends in 1969-2003
Izewska, Joanna; Vatnitsky, Stanislav; Shortt, Kenneth R.

 ·  Overexposure of radiation therapy patients in Panama: problem recognition and follow-up measures
Borrás, Cari

 ·  Regulating radiological protection and the role of health authorities
Arias, César F.

 ·  Counseling patients exposed to ionizing radiation during pregnancy
Brent, Robert L.

 ·  Norms and standards for radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in Latin America: guidelines for exposure limits and measurement protocols
Skvarca, Jorge; Aguirre, Aníbal