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Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1020-4989


Table of contents
Rev Panam Salud Publica vol.22 n.6 Washington Dec. 2007

 ·  Determinants of malnutrition risk among the older adult community: a secondary analysis of the Health, Wellbeing, and Aging Study (SABE) in Mexico
Franco-Álvarez, Nubia; Ávila-Funes, José Alberto; Ruiz-Arreguí, Liliana; Gutiérrez-Robledo, Luis Miguel

 ·  Uptake of health care services and health status of HIV-infected women diagnosed through antenatal HIV screening in Barbados, 1996-2004
Kumar, Alok; Kilaru, Krishna R.; Forde, Sheila; Waterman, Ira

 ·  Relative frequency of esophageal squamous carcinoma and adenocarcinoma in a series of endoscopic biopsies performed in Rosario, Argentina
Naves, Ariel Enrique; Lapalma, Florencia; Rodríguez Ciancio, José Ignacio

 ·  Analysis of spontaneous comments posted by ecstasy users participating in an online survey
Almeida, Stella Pereira; Bizeto, Juliana; Silva, Maria Teresa Araujo

 ·  Prevalence of mild serum vitamin B12 deficiency in rural and urban Costa Rican young adults
Holst-Schumacher, Ileana; Monge-Rojas, Rafael; Barrantes-Santamaría, Mauro

 ·  Eficacia de la vacuna contra la influenza y su impacto en las inequidades en salud

 ·  Factores de riesgo de infarto agudo del miocardio en América Latina

 ·  Estudio multicéntrico prospectivo sobre los riesgos y beneficios del parto por cesárea en América Latina

 Current Topics
 ·  The evolution of the ethnicity/race concept and its impact on framing policies that promote equity
Torres-Parodi, Cristina; Bolis, Mónica

 ·  Violence among youth in Jamaica: a growing public health risk and challenge
Smith, Delores E.; Green, Katherine E.

 ·  Emergency medical training for health promoters in Central and South America
Partridge, Robert; Proano, Lawrence; Skarbek-Borowski, George; Bouslough, David; Cohen, Scott

 ·  International experiences with health claims in food labeling
Coutinho, Janine Giuberti; Recine, Elisabetta

 ·   The importance of research on the association between socioeconomic conditions and asthma
Cunha, Sérgio Souza da; Barreto, Mauricio Lima; Rodrigues, Laura Cunha