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Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1020-4989


Table of contents
Rev Panam Salud Publica vol.28 n.3 Washington Sep. 2010

 ·  Securing a diabetes-free border
Roses Periago, Mirta

 ·  Bridging the knowledge-action gap in diabetes along the U.S.-Mexico border
Cerqueira, Maria Teresa

 Special Reports
 ·  A historical overview of the United States-Mexico border diabetes prevention and Control Project
Diaz-Kenney, Rita V.; Ruiz-Holguín, Rosalba; de Cosío, Federico G.; Ramos, Rebeca; Rodríguez, Betsy; Beckles, Gloria L.; Valdez, Rodolfo; Thompson-Reid, Patricia E.

 ·  United States-Mexico border diabetes prevalence survey: lessons learned from implementation of the project
Cosío, Federico G. de; Díaz-Apodaca, Beatriz A.; Ruiz-Holguín, Rosalba; Lara, Agustín; Castillo-Salgado, Carlos

 ·  U.S.-Mexico cross-border cooperation in research on diabetes mellitus type 2
Canela-Soler, Jaume; Frontini, María; Cerqueira, Maria Teresa; Ruiz-Holguín, Rosalba; Díaz-Apodaca, Beatriz A.

 ·  Blood pressure control, hypertension, awareness, and treatment in adults with diabetes in the United States-Mexico border region
Vijayaraghavan, Maya; He, Guozhong; Stoddard, Pamela; Schillinger, Dean

 ·  Prevalence of type 2 diabetes and impaired fasting glucose: cross-sectional study of multiethnic adult population at the United States-Mexico border
Díaz-Apodaca, Beatriz A.; Ebrahim, Shah; McCormack, Valerie; de Cosío, Federico G.; Ruiz-Holguín, Rosalba

 ·  Access to health care and undiagnosed diabetes along the United States-Mexico border
Zhang, Xuanping; Beckles, Gloria L.; Bullard, Kai McKeever; Gregg, Edward W.; Albright, Ann L.; Barker, Lawrence; Zhang, Xinzhi; Ruiz-Holguín, Rosalba; Cerqueira, Maria Teresa; Frontini, María; Imperatore, Giuseppina

 ·  Acculturation and healthy lifestyle habits among Hispanics in United States-Mexico border communities
Ghaddar, Suad; Brown, Cynthia J.; Pagán, José A.; Díaz, Violeta

 ·  Disparities in undiagnosed diabetes among United States-Mexico border populations
Stoddard, Pamela; He, Guozhong; Vijayaraghavan, Maya; Schillinger, Dean

 ·  Quality of diabetes care: a cross-sectional study of adults of Hispanic origin across and along the United States-Mexico border
Díaz-Apodaca, Beatriz A.; de Cosío, Federico G.; Canela-Soler, Jaume; Ruiz-Holguín, Rosalba; Cerqueira, Maria Teresa

 ·  Ethnic and health correlates of diabetes-related amputations at the Texas-Mexico border
Mier, Nelda; Ory, Marcia; Zhan, Dongling; Villarreal, Edna; Alen, Maria; Bolin, Jane

 ·  Smoking behavior among Hispanic adults with diabetes on the United States-Mexico border: a public health opportunity
Stoddard, Pamela; He, Guozhong; Schillinger, Dean

 Short Communication
 ·  Support for disease management, depression, self-care, and clinical indicators among Hispanics with type 2 diabetes in San Diego County, United States of America
Fortmann, Addie L.; Gallo, Linda C.; Walker, Chris; Philis-Tsimikas, Athena