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Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1020-4989


Table of contents
Rev Panam Salud Publica vol.30 n.4 Washington Oct. 2011

 Original Research Articles
 ·  Acinetobacter baumannii - related mortality in intensive care units in Colombia
Lemos, Elkin V; De la Hoz Restrepo, Fernando; Alvis, Nelson; Quevedo, Elkin; Cañon, Oscar; León, Yazmin

 ·  Effects of social and environmental determinants on overweight and obesity among Brazilian schoolchildren from a developing region
Guedes, Dartagnan Pinto; Rocha, Giselle Divino; Silva, António José Rocha Martins; Carvalhal, Isabel Mourão; Coelho, Eduarda Maria

 ·  Prevalence of HIV infection and Treponema pallidum in Argentine female sex workers
Pando, María de los Ángeles; Reynaga, Elena; Coloccini, Romina Soledad; Rodríguez Fermepín, Marcelo; Kochel, Tadeusz; Montano, Silvia Maria; Marone, Rubén; Avila, María Mercedes

 ·  Occupational exposure of physical therapists to electric and magnetic fields and the efficacy of Faraday cages
Messias, Iracimara de Anchieta; Okuno, Emico; Colacioppo, Sérgio

 ·  The Depressive Psychopathology Scale: presentation and initial validation in a sample of Peruvian psychiatric patients
Vega-Dienstmaier, Johann M; Stucchi-Portocarrero, Santiago; Valdez-Huarcaya, Nancy; Cabra-Bravo, Miriam; Zapata-Vega, Maria I

 ·  Culturally constructed meanings for consumption of sweetened beverages among schoolchildren in Mexico City
Théodore, Florence; Bonvecchio, Anabelle; Blanco, Ilian; Irizarry, Laura; Nava, Alma; Carriedo, Angela

 ·  Survey of rubella knowledge and acceptability of rubella vaccination among Brazilian adults prior to mass vaccination
Vieira, Juliana Costa; Carvalho, Marlene Tavares Barros de; Checchia, Ricardo L; Trombiere, Marcier; Flannery, Brendan

 ·  Mortality and years of potential life lost due to homicide in Colombia, 1985-2006
Moreno, Claudia; Cendales, Ricardo

 ·  Qualitative evaluation of the work process in a psychosocial care center in Brazil
Pinho, Leandro Barbosa de; Kantorski, Luciane Prado; Wetzel, Christine; Schwartz, Eda; Lange, Celmira; Zillmer, Juliana Graciela Vestena

 ·  Perception of epidemiological competencies by public health students in Mexico and Colombia during the influenza A (H1N1) epidemic
Idrovo, Alvaro J; Fernández-Niño, Julián A; Bojórquez-Chapela, Ietza; Ruiz-Rodríguez, Myriam; Agudelo, Carlos A; Pacheco, Oscar E; Buitrago, Néstor; Nigenda, Gustavo

 ·  Risk model to assess livestock rabies exposure in the state of São Paulo, Brazil
Dias, Ricardo Augusto; Nogueira Filho, Vladimir de Souza; Goulart, Carla da Silva; Telles, Isabel Cristine Oliveira; Marques, Guilherme Henrique Figueiredo; Ferreira, Fernando; Amaku, Marcos; Ferreira Neto, José Soares

 ·  Multicriteria evaluation of environmental risk exposure using a geographic information system in Argentina
Pietri, Diana De; Dietrich, Patricia; Mayo, Patricia; Carcagno, Alejandro

 Brief Communication
 ·  Scientific output in the health sciences in Ecuador
Sisa, Iván; Espinel, Mauricio; Fornasini, Marco; Mantilla, Gonzalo

 Current Topics
 ·  Raising the priority of chronic noncommunicable diseases in the Caribbean
Hospedales, C. James; Samuels, T. Alafia; Cummings, Rudolph; Gollop, Gayle; Greene, Edward