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Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1020-4989


Table of contents
Rev Panam Salud Publica vol.31 n.5 Washington May. 2012

 ·  Human security and public health
Roses Periago, Mirta

 ·  Health and human security in border regions
Cerqueira, Maria Teresa

 Special Reports
 ·  Using evidence on violence and injury prevention for policy development and decision making in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Gutiérrez, Luis Alberto; Pacheco, Sergio; Yurithzi Juárez, Alethia; Palacios, Luis Alexandro; Cerqueira, Maria Teresa

 ·  Disrupted by violence: children's well-being and families' economic, social, and cultural capital in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Hernandez, Alma A.; Grineski, Sara E.

 Original Research Articles
 ·  Juvenile homicides and informal work in a Brazilian city in the Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina tri-border area
Andrade, Luciano de; Nihei, Oscar Kenji; Pelloso, Sandra Marisa; Carvalho, Maria Dalva Barros de

 ·  Physical and sexual violence, mental health indicators, and treatment seeking among street-based population groups in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Rio Navarro, Javier; Cohen, Julien; Rocillo Arechaga, Eva; Zuniga, Edgardo; Médecins Sans Frontières Evaluation, Action Team-Honduras

 ·  Spatial exploratory analysis of road accidents in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Hernández Hernández, Vladimir

 ·  Mexico's northern border conflict: collateral damage to health and human rights of vulnerable groups
Beletsky, Leo; Martinez, Gustavo; Gaines, Tommi; Nguyen, Lucie; Lozada, Remedios; Rangel, Gudelia; Vera, Alicia; McCauley, Heather L.; Sorensen, Andrea; Strathdee, Steffanie A.

 ·  Children's mental health and collective violence: a binational study on the United States-Mexico border
Leiner, Marie; Puertas, Hector; Caratachea, Raúl; Avila, Carmen; Atluru, Aparna; Briones, David; Vargas, Cecilia de

 ·  Current depression among women in California according to residence in the California-Mexico border region
Ryan-Ibarra, Suzanne; Epstein, Joan Faith; Induni, Marta; Wright, Michael A.

 ·  Injuries sustained after falls from bridges across the United States-Mexico border at El Paso
McLean, Susan F.; Tyroch, Alan H.

 Opinion and Analysis
 ·  Violence and the media: the case of Brazil
Carvalho, Denise W.; Freire, Maria Teresa; Vilar, Guilherme

 Brief Communications
 ·  Deaths from road injuries in Argentina: a spatial analysis for the 2001-2009 period
Leveau, Carlos M.; Ubeda, Clotilde

 ·  Discharges for external injuries from a hospital in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Díaz-Apodaca, Beatriz A.; De Cosio, Federico G.; Moye-Elizalde, Gustavo; Fornelli-Laffon, Felipe F.