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Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1020-4989


Table of contents
Rev Panam Salud Publica vol.32 n.2 Washington Aug. 2012

 Original Research Articles
 ·  Timely detection of bronchiolitis epidemics in Guadeloupe
Escher, Martina; Quénel, Philippe; Chappert, Jean-Loup; Cassadou, Sylvie

 ·  Developing a research agenda for promoting physical activity in Brazil through environmental and policy change
Reis, Rodrigo S.; Kelly, Cheryl M.; Parra, Diana C.; Barros, Mauro; Gomes, Grace; Malta, Deborah; Schmid, Thomas; Brownson, Ross C.

 ·  Herd immunity against rubella according to a survey of the population in Medellin, Colombia
Hincapié Palacio, Doracelly; Ospina Giraldo, Juan; Lenis Ballesteros, Viviana; Ospina Ospina, Marta C.; Arroyave Cadavid, Marta; Hoyos Muñoz, Nora; Almanza Payares, Rita

 ·  Mortality trends from hypertension in Mexico by socioeconomic region and state, 2000-2008
Sánchez-Barriga, Juan Jesús

 ·  Impact of antiretroviral therapy under different treatment regimens
Rossi, Silvia Maria Gomes de; Maluf, Eliane Cesario Pereira; Carvalho, Denise Siqueira; Ribeiro, Clea Elisa Lopes; Battaglin, Celia Regina Pissini

 ·  Hospitalized cases of influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 in the French territories of the Americas, July 2009-March 2010
Barrau, Marie; Larrieu, Sophie; Cassadou, Sylvie; Chappert, Jean-Loup; Dussart, Philippe; Najioullah, Fatiha; Matheus, Séverine; Renner, Julien; Gasc, Coralie; Quenel, Philippe; Ledrans, Martine

 ·  Validity of cardiovascular risk prediction models in Latin America and among Hispanics in the United States of America: a systematic review
Cortes-Bergoderi, Mery; Thomas, Randal J.; Albuquerque, Felipe N.; Batsis, John A.; Burdiat, Gerard; Perez-Terzic, Carmen; Trejo-Gutierrez, Jorge; Lopez-Jimenez, Francisco

 Special Reports
 ·  Consolidation of international guidelines for the management of canine populations in urban areas and proposal of performance indicators
Garcia, Rita de Cassia Maria; Calderón, Néstor; Ferreira, Fernando

 Opinion and Analysis
 ·  Reducing chronic malnutrition among the disadvantaged populations to promote health and development
Bacallao, Jorge; Peña, Manuel; Díaz, Adrián

 ·  Alcohol, diabetes, and public health in the Americas
Babor, Thomas; Rehm, Jurgen; Jernigan, David; Vaeth, Patrice; Monteiro, Maristela; Lehman, Hallie

 Brief Communications
 ·  Absence of poliovirus circulation in Colombian departments with vaccination coverage below 80%
González, María Mercedes; Sarmiento, Luis; Rey-Benito, Gloria Janneth; Padilla, Leonardo; Giraldo, Alejandra María; Castaño, Jhon Carlos

 ·  Immigrant health workers in Chile: is there a Latin American "brain drain"?
Cabieses, Baltica; Tunstall, Helena

 ·  Lima cómo vamos: calidad de atención en salud
Carrillo-Larco, Rodrigo M.; Ramos, Mariana