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Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1020-4989


Table of contents
Rev Panam Salud Publica vol.32 n.3 Washington Sep. 2012

 Original Research Articles
 ·  Surveillance for leptospirosis in the Americas, 1996-2005: a review of data from ministries of health
Costa, Federico; Martinez-Silveira, Martha Silvia; Hagan, José E.; Hartskeerl, Rudy A.; Reis, Mitermayer Galvão dos; Ko, Albert Icksang

 ·  Cost-effectiveness of an alternative tuberculosis treatment: home-based guardian monitoring of patients
Nieto, Emmanuel; López, Lucelly; del Corral, Helena; Marín, Diana; Lopera, Luz Dolly; Benjumea, Dione; Montes, Fernando; Molina, Gloria; Arbeláez, María Patricia

 ·  Consumption of animal-derived foods and mouth and oropharyngeal cancer
Toporcov, Tatiana Natasha; Biazevic, Maria Gabriela Haye; Rotundo, Lígia Drovandi Braga; Andrade, Fabiana Paula de; Carvalho, Marcos Brasilino de; Brasileiro, Rosana Sarmento; Kowalski, Luiz Paulo; Antunes, Jose Leopoldo Ferreira

 ·  Diabetes-related lower-extremity amputation incidence and risk factors: a prospective seven-year study in Costa Rica
Laclé, Adriana; Valero-Juan, Luis F.

 ·  Cardiovascular mortality and impact of corrective techniques for dealing with underreported and ill-defined deaths
Soares, David Arnaud; Gonçalves, Maria Jacirema

 ·  Implementation of the International Health Regulations in Cuba: evaluation of basic capacities of the health sector in selected provinces
Gala, Ángela; Toledo, María Eugenia; Arias, Yanisnubia; Díaz González, Manuel; Álvarez Valdez, Ángel Manuel; Estévez, Gonzalo; Abreu, Rolando Miyar; Flores, Gustavo Kourí

 ·  Prevalence of obesity, tobacco use, and alcohol consumption by socioeconomic status among six communities in Nicaragua
Laux, Timothy S.; Bert, Philip J.; González, Marvin; Unruh, Mark; Aragon, Aurora; Lacourt, Cecilia Torres

 ·  Projeto ESPAÇOS de Curitiba, Brazil: applicability of mixed research methods and geo-referenced information in studies about physical activity and built environments
Hino, Adriano Akira Ferreira; Rech, Cassiano Ricardo; Gonçalves, Priscila Bezerra; Hallal, Pedro Curi; Reis, Rodrigo Siqueira

 Special Reports
 ·  Lessons from scaling up a depression treatment program in primary care in Chile
Araya, Ricardo; Alvarado, Rubén; Sepúlveda, Rodrigo; Rojas, Graciela

 Brief Communications
 ·  Mapping the nutrition transition in Peru: evidence for decentralized nutrition policies
Chaparro, M. Pia; Estrada, Leobardo

 Current Topics
 ·  Toward greater inclusion: lessons from Peru in confronting challenges of multi-sector collaboration
Buffardi, Anne L.; Cabello, Robinson; Garcia, Patricia J.