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Revista Española de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1135-5727


Table of contents
Rev. Esp. Salud Publica vol.83 n.1 Madrid Jan./Feb. 2009

 ·  Healths policies: fundamentals and costs-efectivity
Ortún, Vicente

 Special Collaborations
 ·  Tobacco control from an economic perspective
López Nicolás, Ángel; Viudes de Velasco, Arántzazu

 ·  The economic implications of interventions to prevent obesity
Rodríguez Caro, Alejandro; González López-Valcárcel, Beatriz

 ·  Identification and modulation of the systematic irrational behaviour in medicine and public health
Repullo Labrador, José Ramón

 ·  From the therapeutic utility to the added therapeutic value and the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio
Puig-Junoy, Jaume; Peiró, Salvador

 ·  Quality assessment of economic evaluations in health care: a checklist and user guide
Abellán Perpiñán, José María; Sánchez Martínez, Fernando Ignacio; Martínez Pérez, Jorge Eduardo

 ·  The impact of conditional cash transfers on health status: the Brazilian Bolsa Familia Programme
Rivera Castiñeira, Berta; Currais Nunes, Luis; Rungo, Paolo

 ·  Health Economics: thirty years of evolution
López Casasnovas, Guillem

 ·  Effectiveness, variation and inequalities: histerectomies and prostatectomies due to neoplasm in Spain (2002-2004)
Peiró, Salvador; Meneu, Ricard; Bernal-Delgado, Enrique

 ·  Loss of labour productivity caused by premature mortality in Spain in 2005
Oliva, Juan

 ·  Relationship between research funding in the Spanish National Health System and the burden of disease
Catalá López, Ferrán; Álvarez Martín, Elena; Gènova Maleras, Ricard; Morant Ginestar, Consuelo