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Revista Española de Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1135-5727


Table of contents
Rev. Esp. Salud Publica vol.83 n.3 Madrid May./Jun. 2009

 ·  Dependent persons help programme: towards greater adequacy and equity
Gispert Magarolas, Rosa

 Special Collaborations
 ·  Terrorism, public health and health services
Arcos González, Pedro; Castro Delgado, Rafael; Cuartas Álvarez, Tatiana; Pérez-Berrocal Alonso, Jorge

 ·  A critical view of the human resources planning and autonomous managed hospitals in Chile
Méndez Valenzuela, Claudio A.

 ·  A comparison of the Spanish, the French and the German valuation scales to measure dependency and public support for people with disabilities
Albarrán Lozano, Irene; Alonso González, Pablo; Bolancé Losillas, Catalina

 ·  Distribution of formal and informal home care for people older than 64 years in Spain 2003
Rogero-García, Jesús

 ·  Cost-effectiveness analysis of different imaging for the diagnosis of acute pulmonary embolism
Maris Batallés, Stella; Lisandro Villavicencio, Roberto; Maris Pezzotto, Stella

 ·  Demonstration of fluoride systemic absorption secondary to toothbrushing with fluoride dentifrice in children
García-Camba de la Muela, José-María; García-Hoyos, Felisa; Varela Morales, Margarita; González Sanz, Ángel

 ·  Reliability and validity of the PAQ-A questionnaire to assess physical activity in spanish adolescents
Martínez-Gómez, David; Martínez-de-Haro, Vicente; Pozo, Tamara; Welk, Gregory J.; Villagra, Ariel; Calle, Marisa E.; Marcos, Ascensión; Veiga, Oscar L.

 ·  Effycacy of an educational intervention group on changes in lifestyles in hypertensive patients in primary care: a randomized clinical trial
Rodríguez Martín, Carmela; Castaño Sánchez, Carmen; García Ortiz, Luis; Recio Rodríguez, José Ignacio; Castaño Sánchez, Yolanda; Gómez Marcos, Manuel Ángel

 ·  Cost comparison of temporary sickness absence in 2006 between Barcelona and Madrid provinces, Spain
Ballesteros Polo, Mónica; Serra Pujadas, Consol; Miguel Martínez, José; Plana Almuni, Manel; Delclos, George L.; Benavides, Fernando G.

 Brief Original
 ·  Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in hypertensive persons attended in primary care from Spain determined by application of estimating equations
Gómez Navarro, Rafael

 Letters to the Editor
 ·  References Values for Psychosocial Risk Exposure among Wage Earning
Gutiérrez-Bedmar, Mario; Gómez-Aracena, Jorge; Moncada i Lluís, Salvador; Navarro, Albert; Llorens Serrano, Clara; Font Corominas, Ariadna; Galtés Camps, Ariadna

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