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Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
Print version ISSN 1413-8123


Table of contents
Ciênc. saúde coletiva vol.4 n.2 Rio de Janeiro Jan. 1999

 ·  Health planning, management and evaluation: identifying problems
Schraiber, Lilia Blima; Peduzzi, Marina; Sala, Arnaldo; Nemes, Maria Ines B.; Castanhera, Elen Rose L.; Kon, Rubens

 ·  Reform of the State and reform of health systems: international experiences and trends for changes
Almeida, Célia Maria de

 ·  Epidemiology and health planning
Teixeira, Carmem Fontes

 ·  Governing tensions in the health action as a permanent challenge of some managerial strategies
Merhy, Emerson Elias

 ·  Autonomy versus worker's control: power management in the hospital
Cecílio, Luiz Carlos de Oliveira

 ·  Evaluating health care decentralization
Silva, Ligia Maria Vieira da

 ·  Evaluation of health programs: theoretical-methodological prospects and institutional policies
Hartz, Zulmira Maria de Araújo

 ·  Health planning and management: methodological flexibility and communicative action
Rivera, Francisco Javier Uribe; Artmann, Elizabeth

 ·  Hospital mortality as an indicator of clinical performance: a review
Travassos, Claudia; Noronha, José Carvalho de; Martins, Mônica

 ·  Management, planning and assessment of science and technology policies: time to review?
Marques, Marília Bernardes

 ·  Local reference teams and specialized matrix support: an essay about reorganizing work in health services
Campos, Gastão Wagner de Sousa

 ·  Pharmacoepidemiology in Brazil: evolution and prospects
Castro, Lia Lusitana Cardozo de

 Free Themes
 ·  Insecurity in the labor market and lack of social protection: challange for collective
Gomez, Carlos Minayo; Thedim-Costa, Sonia Maria da Fonseca

 ·  Tropical diseases: from the science of values to praise of science on the climatic determination of pathologies
Albuquerque, Marli B. M. de; Lima e Silva, Francelina Helena Alvarenga; Cardoso, Telma Abdalla de Oliveira