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Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
Print version ISSN 1413-8123


Table of contents
Ciênc. saúde coletiva vol.5 n.2 Rio de Janeiro Jan. 2000

 ·  Public health and collective health: field and core area for knowledge and practice
Campos, Gastão Wagner de Sousa

 ·  On the history of public health: ideas and authors
Nunes, Everardo Duarte

 ·  Microbiology as an institution and the history of public health in Brazil
Benchimol, Jaime Larry

 ·  Two permanent issues in a century of health policies in Republican Brazil
Luz, Madel Therezinha

 ·  Not enough health, too many ants, this is what ails Brazil... Medical-sanitarian discourse and the interpretation of Brazil
Lima, Nísia Trindade; Hochman, Gilberto

 ·  A century of endemic and epidemic diseases
Barata, Rita Barradas

 ·  Chagas disease: the construction of a scientific fact and of a public health problem in Brazil
Kropf, Simone Petraglia; Azevedo, Nara; Ferreira, Luiz Otávio

 ·  Tuberculosis through the century: canonic icons and signs of the fight against the disease
Antunes, José Leopoldo Ferreira; Waldman, Eliseu Alves; Moraes, Mirtes de

 ·  Dental caries and fluorine: a twentieth century relation
Narvai, Paulo Capel

 ·  Working in public health in the Brazilian hinterland: memories of a generation of sanitarians (1930-1970)
Fonseca, Cristina M. Oliveira

 ·  Interview with Naomar de Almeida Filho, by Paulo Amarante

 ·  Interview with Carlos Minayo, discussing historical and present questions of the worker health, by Jorge Machado

 Free Themes
 ·  State reform and organizational change: a study of public hospitals
Costa, Nilson do Rosário; Ribeiro, José Mendes; Silva, Pedro Luís Barros

 ·  Equity in law: a Brazilian health system's principle?
Duarte, Cristina Maria Rabelais