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Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
versión impresa ISSN 1413-8123


Tabla de contenido
Ciênc. saúde coletiva vol.8 no.2 Rio de Janeiro ene. 2003

 ·  Federal financing and local management of social policies: the balance among regulation, accountability and autonomy
Arretche, Marta

 ·  Constitutional binding of resources for the health sector: breakthoughs, barriers and perspectives
Faveret, Ana Cecília de Sá Campello

 ·  Public health financing in Brazil: the Siops experience
Teixeira, Hugo Vocurca; Teixeira, Marcelo Gouvêa

 ·  Brazilian federal financing innovations in Basic Health
Melamed, Clarice; Costa, Nilson do Rosário

 ·  Basic Care and Family Health Program (PSF): new ways to health policy and its financing?
Marques, Rosa Maria; Mendes, Áquilas

 ·  Decentralization and resource allocation in the Brazilian National Health System (Sistema Único de Saúde - SUS)
Ugá, Maria Alícia; Piola, Sérgio Francisco; Porto, Sílvia Marta; Vianna, Solon Magalhães

 ·  Equity in decentralized management of the SUS: reducing health inequalities - the challenges
Lucchese, Patrícia T. R.

 ·  Reduction of the regional inequalities in the allocation of the federal resources for the health
Souza, Renilson Rehem de

 ·  Methodological approach to select indicators of health inequalities to define priorities for social policies in Brazil
Drachler, Maria de Lourdes; Côrtes, Soraya M. Vargas; Castro, Janice Dorneles de; Leite, José Carlos de Carvalho

 ·  Social inequalities and administration in health: methodology of selection of urban areas seeking to the decrease of the partner-space inequalities in metropolitan areas
Najar, Alberto Lopes; Campos, Mônica Rodrigues

 ·  The hospital strategic management: one regional coordination mean of hospital practice based on opportunity costs and solidarity
Artmann, Elizabeth; Uribe Rivera, Francisco Javier

 ·  Technology assessment and cost-effectiveness analysis in health care: the adoption of technologies and the development of clinical guidelines for the Brazilian national system
Silva, Letícia Krauss

 ·  The health industrial complex and the need of a dynamic approach on health economics
Gadelha, Carlos Augusto Grabois

 ·  The internationalization of the sanitary regulation
Lucchese, Geraldo

 ·  Epidemiology and planning: the recomposition of the epidemiological practices in management of SUS
Paim, Jairnilson Silva

 ·  Integrality (comprehensiveness): from the viewpoint of health care and the recent proposals regarding basic assistance in Brazil
Campos, Carlos Eduardo Aguilera

 Free Themes
 ·  Market shares in the Brazilian health sector
Farias, Luís Otávio; Melamed, Clarice

 ·  The odontological practice in the Basic Health Units in Feira de Santana, Bahia, in the health municipalization process: individual, autonomous, curative and technical activities
Pereira, Dayliz Quinto; Pereira, Júlio César Motta; Assis, Marluce Maria Araújo

 ·  Workshops on prevention for adolescents in a health service unit: a space for reflection and shared knowledge
Jeolás, Leila Sollberger; Ferrari, Rosângela Aparecida Pimenta

 ·  The production of mental health services: the conception of the workers
Campos, Célia Maria Sivalli; Soares, Cássia Baldini

 ·  Where are the contracts? Analysis of the relation between private health services suppliers and the SUS
Matos, Carlos Alberto de; Pompeu, João Cláudio

 ·  The potential impact of the current financing structure of the SUS decentralized management in the reduction of local inequalities
Martins Júnior, Fernando; Silva, Alexandre Mont'Alverne; Solla, Jorge; Santos, Nelson Rodrigues dos