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Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
Print version ISSN 1413-8123


Table of contents
Ciênc. saúde coletiva vol.10 n.3 Rio de Janeiro Jul./Sep. 2005

 ·  Healthcare provision and humanization
Deslandes, Suely Ferreira; Ayres, José Ricardo de Carvalho Mesquita

 ·  Humanism, freedom and need: an understanding of the cognitive gaps between the natural sciences and ethics
Aleksandrowicz, Ana Maria C.; Minayo, Maria Cecília de Souza

 ·  Déterminisme et prédétermination
Atlan, Henri

        · text in French     · French (pdf) French (epdf)
 ·  Science: from the epic real to the ethical ideal
Oliva, Alberto

 ·  Natural and human: agreements and disagreements
Nunes, Everardo Duarte

 ·  On the re-signification of humanism
Vidal, Vera

 ·  Determinism and freedom: a possible conciliation
Santos, Carlos Alberto Gomes dos

 ·  Cognitive neuroscience and freedom: healing the disciplinary divide
Levine, Daniel S.

 ·  Clashes bewtwen determinism and freedom
Carvalho, Luís Alfredo Vidal de

 ·  The avatar of the global citizenship
Najar, Alberto Lopes

 ·  Mandatory freedom as pharmakon of the excessively human human
Schramm, Fermin Roland

 ·  The authors reply

 ·  Hermeneutics and humanization of the health practices
Ayres, José Ricardo de Carvalho Mesquita

 ·  Humanization as a public dimension of the policies in the health system
Benevides, Regina; Passos, Eduardo

 ·  The healthcare professional-patient relationship: a contribution of psychoanalytic narrative to the issue of the subject in public health
Campos, Rosana Onocko

 ·  Humanization and Primary Health Care
Teixeira, Ricardo Rodrigues

 ·  Satisfaction and responsiveness: ways to measure quality and humanization of health assistance
Vaitsman, Jeni; Andrade, Gabriela Rieveres Borges de

 ·  Humanization of care in maternity hospitals in Rio de Janeiro from the administrator’s perspective
Deslandes, Suely Ferreira

 ·  Humanization of childbirth care in Brazil: the numerous meanings of a movement
Diniz, Carmen Simone Grilo

 ·  Humanization in the context of obstetric training
Hotimsky, Sonia Nussenzweig; Schraiber, Lilia Blima

 ·  The medical institutionalization of childbirth in Brazil
Nagahama, Elizabeth Eriko Ishida; Santiago, Silvia Maria

 ·  Humanization in low weight newborn intensive care - Kangaroo Mother Care: the Brazilian propose
Lamy, Zeni Carvalho; Gomes, Maria Auxiliadora de S. Mendes; Gianini, Nicole Oliveira Mota; Hennig, Márcia de Abreu e S.

 ·  Challenges for humanization of care in a surgical neonatal intensive care unit
Lamego, Denyse T. C.; Deslandes, Suely F.; Moreira, Maria Elisabeth L.

 ·  Analysis of the repercussion of the Program of Sibling Visits to the Newborn Babies in NICU: "They remembered me!"
Morsch, Denise Streit; Delamonica, Juliana

 ·  Humanization and care: the experience of an STD/Aids healthcare team in the city of São Paulo
Oliveira, Luzia Aparecida; Landroni, Maria Ângela Silva; Silva, Neide Emy Kurokawa e; Ayres, José Ricardo de C. M.

 ·  Challenges for the implementation of a humanization policy in hospital care for childbirth
Dias, Marcos Augusto Bastos; Domingues, Rosa Maria Soares Madeira

 Free Themes
 ·  Risk and protective factors and drug use among adolescence
Schenker, Miriam; Minayo, Maria Cecília de Souza

 ·  Adolescent pregnancy and paternal co-responsibility: socio-demographic background and attitudes towards the pregnancy and the child
Costa, Maria Conceição Oliveira; Lima, Indiara Campos; Martins Júnior, Davi Félix; Santos, Carlos Antônio de Souza Teles; Araújo, Flávia Priscilla Oliveira de; Assis, Daniela Rozzato de

 ·  Interaction between stroke survivors and family caregivers: shared autonomy
Bocchi, Sílvia Cristina Mangini; Angelo, Margareth

 ·  Education for child health promotion: the experience with an agrarian reform settlement in Vale do Rio Doce, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Coelho, France Maria Gontijo; Castro, Teresa Gontijo de; Campos, Flávia Milagres; Campos, Maria Teresa Fialho de Sousa; Priore, Silvia Eloiza; Franceschini, Sylvia do Carmo Castro

 ·  The Family Health Program and nutritional activities in a health district in São Paulo, Brazil
Fernandez, Priscila Maria Fúncia; Voci, Silvia Maria; Kamata, Lúcia Hitomi; Najas, Myrian Spínola; Souza, Ana Lúcia Medeiros de

 ·  Leisure, sports and culture on the local agenda: the Manguinhos’ health promotion experience
Peres, Fabio de Faria; Bodstein, Regina; Ramos, Célia Leitão; Marcondes, Willer Baumgarten

 ·  Multiple voices of healing in mental health: an analysis of psychiatric discourse
Jucá, Vládia Jamile dos Santos