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Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
Print version ISSN 1413-8123


Table of contents
Ciênc. saúde coletiva vol.11 n.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan./Mar. 2006

 ·  On the concept of buccality: notes for research and contribution to the debate
Botazzo, Carlos

 ·  Collective oral health, buccality, and anthropophagy
Narvai, Paulo Capel

 ·  Right you are, if you think you are!
Moysés, Samuel Jorge

 ·  Buccality: a conceptual tool of linking between clinic and collective buccal health
Souza, Elizabethe Cristina Fagundes de

 ·  Buccality and existence
Werneck, Marcos Azeredo Furquim

 ·  Some notes for contribution to the debate on buccality
Freitas, Sérgio Fernando Torres de

 ·  On oral health, mental health and sexual health: returning to clinic over again
Villela, Wilza

 ·  Collective oral health: the search of an identity
Nunes, Everardo Duarte

 ·  The author replies

 ·  The health team work care dimension and its contribution for dentistry
Teixeira, Michelle Cecille Bandeira

 ·  From fragmentation to integrality: constructing and reconstructing the practice of buccal health in the Alagoinhas (BA) Family Health Program
Santos, Adriano Maia dos; Assis, Marluce Maria Araújo

 ·  Ethical aspects of the use of fluoride products in Brazil: a view of public health policy formulators
Kalamatianos, Pola Alessandra; Narvai, Paulo Capel

 ·  Water fluoridation: a matter of policy - the state of Ceará, Brazil
Bleicher, Lana; Frota, Francisco Horácio da Silva

 ·  Individual and contextual determinants of dental treatment needs of children with primary dentition in Brazil
Antunes, José Leopoldo Ferreira; Peres, Marco Aurélio; Mello, Tatiana Ribeiro de Campos

 ·  The teaching-learning process and its consequences to the teacher-student-patient relation
Nuto, Sharmênia de Araújo Soares; Noro, Luiz Roberto Augusto; Cavalsina, Paola Gondim; Costa, Íris do Céu Clara; Oliveira, Ângelo Giuseppe Roncalli da Costa

 ·  Disciplining of the mouth, an individual's autonomy in the work society
Kovaleski, Douglas Francisco; Freitas, Sérgio Fernando Torres de; Botazzo, Carlos

 ·  Epidemiology and public health dentistry: a shared walkway
Roncalli, Angelo Giuseppe

 ·  Social practices for regulation of the dentist's identity
Warmling, Cristine Maria; Caponi, Sandra; Botazzo, Carlos

 ·  The evaluation of the dental service inclusion in the Family Health Program of Pompéu (MG): the user satisfaction
Andrade, Karina Lane Campos; Ferreira, Efigênia Ferreira e

 ·  Influence of community health agents on perception of women and mothers about oral health knowledge
Frazão, Paulo; Marques, Débora S. Correia

 ·  Collective action for quality of life: autonomy, transdisciplinarity and intersetoriality
Wimmer, Gert Ferreira; Figueiredo, Gustavo de Oliveira

 ·  Dental care and universalization: perceptions of public health services managers
Leal, Rosana Barbosa; Tomita, Nilce Emy

 ·  Dental caries in children as a natural or pathological phenomenon: emphasis in a qualitative approach
Bardal, Priscila Ariede Petinuci; Olympio, Kelly Polido Kaneshiro; Valle, Ana Aída Lins do; Tomita, Nilce Emy

 ·  Trends of the dentistry equipment industry in Brazil between 1990 and 2002: previous notes
Manfredini, Marco Antonio; Botazzo, Carlos

 ·  Words and silence in the dentistry education
Araujo, Maria Ercilia de

 ·  Medical emergency in dental practice: occurrence, equipments and drugs, professional expertise and training of the clinicians
Santos, José Cabral dos; Rumel, Davi

 ·  Oral health in old age: elderly's perceptions, Goiânia, 2005
Reis, Sandra Cristina Guimarães Bahia; Marcelo, Vânia Cristina

 ·  Knowledge of pediatric doctors and dentists from Bauru and Marília about fluoride
Buzalaf, Marília Afonso Rabelo; Ramires, Irene; Maria, Andréa Gutierrez; Peres, José Roberto Berber; Lauris, José Roberto Pereira

 ·  The toothache and toothloss: social representation of oral care
Ferreira, Aurigena Antunes Araújo; Piuvezam, Grasiela; Werner, Carlos Wagner de Araújo; Alves, Maria do Socorro Costa Feitosa

 ·  Structure and organization of the work of dentists in the Family Health Program of some Municipal Districts of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil)
Araújo, Yanne Pinheiro de; Dimenstein, Magda

 ·  A critical review of biomarkers used for monitoring human exposure to lead: advantages, limitations and future needs
Barbosa Jr, Fernando; Tanus-Santos, José Eduardo; Gerlach, Raquel Fernanda; Parsons, Patrick J.

 ·  The national politics of buccal health as social demand
Pucca Jr., Gilberto Alfredo