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Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
Print version ISSN 1413-8123


Table of contents
Ciênc. saúde coletiva vol.13 n.2 Rio de Janeiro Mar./Apr. 2008

 ·  Rethinking ethics in qualitative health research
Guerriero, Iara Coelho Zito; Zicker, Fabio

 ·  The need for adequate ethical guidelines for qualitative health research
Guerriero, Iara Coelho Zito; Dallari, Sueli Gandolfi

 ·  On ethics regimes and the problem of maintaining the face of qualitative research: a commentary on Iara C. Z. Guerriero's and Sueli Dallari's paper
van den Hoonaard, Will C.

 ·  A difficult dialogue
Sarti, Cynthia Andersen

 ·  Rigor and ethics: challenges in qualitative research
Angelo, Margareth

 ·  Ethical guidelines and qualitative research on health
Macedo, Rosa Maria Stefanini de

 ·  Methodological procedures and ethical decisions
Silva, Franklin Leopoldo e

 ·  Anthropological contributions for thinking and acting in the health area and its ethical dilemas
Minayo, Maria Cecília de Souza

 ·  Research and the (free and) informed consent
Concone, Maria Helena Villas Bôas; Cerveny, Ceneide Maria De Oliveira

 ·  Ethical aspects considered by researchers who use qualitative approaches in health
Nunes, Everardo Duarte

 ·  Is the principlist model still satisfactory for the analysis of the morality of the scientific research involving human beings?
Schramm, Fermin Roland; Palácios, Marisa; Rego, Sergio

 ·  Re-imagining the "subject: "conceptual and ethical considerations on the participant in qualitative research
van den Hoonaard, Will C.

 ·  Beyond the informed consent procedure: continuing consent in human research
Mueller, Mary-Rose; Instone, Susan

 ·  Participative research and health researcher's ethical formation
Schmidt, Maria Luisa Sandoval

 ·  Ethics in research with human beings: some issues about Psychology
Koller, Sílvia Helena

 ·  Henri Atlan's levels of Ethics and the challenge of the "fourth level"
Aleksandrowicz, Ana Maria Coutinho

 ·  Research ethics in social sciences: new challenges
Diniz, Debora

 ·  A systematic review about the scientific production with focus on the relation between health and environment
Camponogara, Silviamar; Kirchhof, Ana Lucia Cardoso; Ramos, Flávia Regina Souza

 ·  Reviewing the environmental and human health knowledge base of carbon nanotubes
Helland, Aasgeir; Wick, Peter; Koehler, Andreas; Schmid, Kaspar; Som, Claudia

 ·  Ethics in epidemiological research
Barata, Rita Barradas

 ·  Synthesis of the reflections of the meeting on ethics in qualitative health research, Guarujá, São Paulo State
Guerriero, Iara Coelho Zito

 Free Themes
 ·  Bodies and pleasures in male homosocial circuits of Downtown Rio de Janeiro
Rios, Luis Felipe

 ·  Hypertension in impoverished social segments in the state of São Paulo
Martins, Ignez Salas; Oliveira, Denize Cristina de; Marinho, Sheila Pita; Araújo, Eutália Aparecida Cândico de

 ·  Breastfeeding protection, promotion and support at an university hospital
Almeida, Gabriela Gracia de; Spiri, Wilza Carla; Juliani, Carmen Maria Casquel Monti; Paiva, Bianca Sakamoto Ribeiro

 ·  Ayurveda diet and the nursing consultation: a care proposal
Gasperi, Patrícia De; Raduns, Vera; Ghiorzi, Ângela Rosa

 ·  Prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms and associated factors among metal industry workers in Canoas - RS
Picoloto, Daiana; Silveira, Elaine da

 ·  Supraspinatus tendon affection and sick leave
Almeida, Josiane Schadeck de; Carvalho Filho, Guaracy; Pastre, Carlos Marcelo; Lamari, Neuseli Marino; Pastre, Eliane Cristina

 ·  The Family Health Program (FHP) and human resources: perceptions of students from two different dentistry schools
Sanchez, Heriberto Fiúza; Drumond, Marisa Maia; Vilaça, Ênio Lacerda

 ·  Occupational risk due to use of mercury in dentistry: a bibliographic review
Grigoletto, Jamyle Calencio; Oliveira, Aline da Silva; Muñoz, Susana Inés Segura; Alberguini, Leny Borghesan Albertini; Takayanagui, Angela Maria Magosso

 Book Reviews
 ·  Walking the tightrope: ethical issues for qualitative researchers
Nunes, Everardo Duarte

 ·  O Método 6: ética
Lorenzo, Cláudio