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Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
Print version ISSN 1413-8123


Table of contents
Ciênc. saúde coletiva vol.16 n.7 Rio de Janeiro Jul. 2011

 ·  Mediation between social knowledge and practices: the rationale of soft technology, praxis and art
Campos, Gastão Wagner de Sousa

 ·  When a 'technical triumph' is deemed a 'practical success': the subject and the values of professional work in healthcare
Schraiber, Lilia Blima

 ·  Prospects for controlling hospital infection and the new social forces for upholding healthcare
Puccini, Paulo de Tarso

 ·  Promotion of Mental Health - Technologies for Care: emotional involvement, rteception, co-responsibility and autonomy
Jorge, Maria Salete Bessa; Pinto, Diego Muniz; Quinderé, Paulo Henrique Dias; Pinto, Antonio Germane Alves; Sousa, Fernando Sérgio Pereira de; Cavalcante, Cinthia Mendonça

 ·  Content validity in the development and adaptation processes of measurement instruments
Alexandre, Neusa Maria Costa; Coluci, Marina Zambon Orpinelli

 ·  Development of indicators for evaluating public dental healthcare services
Bueno, Vera Lucia Ribeiro de Carvalho; Cordoni Júnior, Luiz; Mesas, Arthur Eumann

 ·  Initial validation of the index of oral healtcare needs for oral health teams in the family healthcare strategy
Carnut, Leonardo; Filgueiras, Leonardo Vilar; Figueiredo, Nilcema; Goes, Paulo Sávio Angeiras de

 ·  The use of focus groups to investigate sensitive topics: an example taken from research on adolescent girls' perceptions about sexual risks
Oliveira, Dora Lucia de

 ·  Validation of the brazilian version of the generic six-dimensional short form quality of life questionnaire (SF-6D Brazil)
Campolina, Alessandro Gonçalves; Bortoluzzo, Adriana Bruscato; Ferraz, Marcos Bosi; Ciconelli, Rozana Mesquita

 ·  Food and nutrition safety of children under two years of age in families of landless rural workers
Lang, Regina Maria Ferreira; Almeida, Cláudia Choma Bettega; Taddei, José Augusto de Aguiar Carrazedo

 ·  Voice disorder clinic in the speech therapy outpatient unit at "Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais"
Menezes, Letícia Neiva de; Behlau, Mara; Gama, Ana Cristina Côrtes; Teixeira, Letícia Caldas

 ·  The results of training of informal caregivers on the quality of life of the ederly with a déficit in self-care
Rocha Júnior, Paulo Roberto; Corrente, José Eduardo; Hattor, Cíntia Harumi; Oliveira, Isadora Maria de; Zancheta, Dalise; Gallo, Carla Gelamo; Miguel, Juliana Padovesi; Galiego, Evelise Trindade

 ·  An interdisciplinary intervention as a strategy for Rational Use of Drugs by the elderly
Medeiros, Eloá Fátima Ferreira; Moraes, Clayton Franco; Karnikowski, Mauro; Nóbrega, Otávio Toledo; Karnikowski, Margô Gomes de Oliveira

 ·  Identification of vulnerable individuals in the area surrounding a university hospital: connecting vulnerability, solidarity and healthcare
Sthal, Hellen Cristina; Berti, Heloisa Wey

 ·  The significance of dietary and behavioral changes in patients with chronic metabolic disorders: a review
Vieira, Carla Maria; Cordeiro, Silvia Nogueira; Magdaleno Júnior, Ronis; Turato, Egberto Ribeiro

 ·  Oral health teamwork in brazilian family healthcare strategy: an analysis of studies published between 2001 and 2008
Soares, Fabíola Fernandes; Figueiredo, Carla Rosa Vilela de; Borges, Neyrlene Cavalcanti Moreira; Jordão, Rodrigo Aquino; Freire, Maria do Carmo Matias

 ·  Non-Governmental Organizations in the area of Child Healthcare - review of the literature
Costa, Ana Maria Aranha Magalhães; Silva, Kátia Silveira da; Bonan, Cláudia

 ·  Quality of life of children and adolescents: a bibliographical review
Soares, Ana Helena Rotta; Martins, Antilia Januária; Lopes, Maria da Conceição Borges; Britto, José Augusto Alves de; Oliveira, Cristiano Queiroz de; Moreira, Martha Cristina Nunes

 ·  Using systematic reviews and meta-analyses to support regulatory decision making for neurotoxicants: lessons learned from a case study of PCBs
Goodman, Michael; Squibb, Katherine; Youngstrom, Eric; Anthony, Laura Gutermuth; Kenworthy, Lauren; Lipkin, Paul H.; Mattison, Donald R.; LaKind, Judy S.

 Free Themes
 ·  Aspects of sexuality in adolescence
Brêtas, José Roberto da Silva; Ohara, Conceição Vieira da Silva; Jardim, Dulcilene Pereira; Aguiar Junior, Wagner de; Oliveira, José Rodrigo de

 ·  Evaluating child healthcare in the context of Family Healthcare in the city of Teixeiras, Minas Gerais (MG, Brazil)
Costa, Glauce Dias da; Cotta, Rosângela Minardi Mitre; Reis, José Roberto; Ferreira, Maria de Lourdes da Silva Marques; Reis, Roberta Sena; Franceschini, Sylvia do Carmo Castro

 ·  Family caregiver of elderly patients in palliative care: the process of dying at home
Fratezi, Flavia Renata; Gutierrez, Beatriz Aparecida Ozello

 ·  The civil society against aids: collective demands and public policies
Pereira, Adriana Jimenez; Nichiata, Lúcia Yasuko Izumi

 ·  The physiotherapist as a professional to assist pregnant women
Bavaresco, Gabriela Zanella; Souza, Renata Stefânia Olah de; Almeica, Berta; Sabatino, José Hugo; Dias, Mirella

 ·  Quality of life and oral health in children - Part II: Brazilian version of the Child Perceptions Questionnaire
Barbosa, Taís de Souza; Gavião, Maria Beatriz Duarte

 ·  Patient awareness about drugs prescribed after medical appointment and prescription
Oenning, Diony; Oliveira, Bruna Volpato de; Blatt, Carine Raquel

 ·  Domestic violence against children and prospects for intervention of the Family Health Program: the experience of the Family Doctor Program/Niterói (RJ, Brazil)
Rocha, Pedro Carlos Xavier da; Moraes, Claudia Leite

 ·  Prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its associated factors in a rural area of Minas Gerais State (MG, Brazil)
Pimenta, Adriano Marçal; Gazzinelli, Andréa; Velásquez-Meléndez, Gustavo

 ·  Bolsa Família Program and child nutritional status: strategic challenges
Oliveira, Fabiana de Cássia Carvalho; Cotta, Rosângela Minardi Mitre; Sant'Ana, Luciana Ferreira da Rocha; Priore, Silvia Eloíza; Franceschini, Sylvia do Carmo Castro

 ·  Self-perception of oral health and impact on quality of life among the elderly: a quantitative-qualitative approach
Haikal, Desirée Sant'Ana; Paula, Alfredo Maurício Batista de; Martins, Andrea Maria Eleutério de Barros Lima; Moreira, Allyson Nogueira; Ferreira, Efigênia Ferreira e

 ·  What happens behind bars: prevention strategies developed in civilian police stations against HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases
Reis, Cássia Barbosa; Bernardes, Erica Bento

 ·  Trangenics - Plant-Based Drugs (PBD)
Rocha, Daniele Rachidi da; Marin, Victor Augustus

 Book Reviews