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Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
Print version ISSN 1413-8123


Table of contents
Ciênc. saúde coletiva vol.17 n.6 Rio de Janeiro Jun. 2012

 ·  Rio+20: (Un) sustainability and public health

 ·  Analysis of the social and health impacts of large hydroelectric plants: lessons for a sustainable energy management
Queiroz, Adriana Renata Sathler de; Motta-Veiga, Marcelo

 ·  Environmental Licensing in Brazil - an emerging country and power
Tambellini, Anamaria Testa

 ·  The authors reply: risk of capture and public policy in energy

 ·  The official agenda of global sustainability: a critical analysis from the perspective of Public Health
Schütz, Gabriel Eduardo; Tambellini, Anamaria Testa; Asmus, Carmen Ildes Rodrigues Fróes; Meyer, Armando; Câmara, Volney de Magalhães

 ·  Environmental health and inequalities: building indicators for sustainable development
Carneiro, Fernando Ferreira; Franco Netto, Guilherme; Corvalan, Carlos; Freitas, Carlos Machado de; Sales, Luiz Belino Ferreira

 ·  Global environmental health and sustainable development: the role at Rio+20
Furie, Gregg Lawrence; Balbus, John

 ·  Ecosystemic and communicative approaches in the implementation of territorial agendas for sustainable development and health promotion
Gallo, Edmundo; Setti, Andréia Faraoni Freitas

 ·  Environmental management: critical analysis, scenarios and challenges
Porto, Marcelo Firpo de Souza; Schütz, Gabriel Eduardo

 ·  Health and the green economy: challenges for sustainable development and the eradication of poverty
Gallo, Edmundo; Setti, Andréia Faraoni Freitas; Magalhães, Danielly de Paiva; Machado, Jorge Mesquita Huet; Buss, Daniel Forsin; Franco Netto, Francisco de Abreu; Buss, Paulo Marchiori

 ·  Environmental governance and the green economy
Jacobi, Pedro Roberto; Sinisgalli, Paulo Antonio de Almeida

 ·  Health and environmental governance for sustainable development
Buss, Paulo Marchiori; Machado, Jorge Mesquita Huet; Gallo, Edmundo; Magalhães, Danielly de Paiva; Setti, Andréia Faraoni Freitas; Franco Netto, Francisco de Abreu; Buss, Daniel Forsin

 ·  Environmental risk, health and justice: the protagonism of affected populations in the production of knowledge
Porto, Marcelo Firpo; Finamore, Renan

 ·  Solid urban waste: socio-environmental impacts and prospects for sustainable management with social inclusion
Gouveia, Nelson

 ·  The global and national context regarding the challenges involved in ensuring adequate access to water for human consumption
Augusto, Lia Giraldo da Silva; Gurgel, Idê Gomes Dantas; Câmara Neto, Henrique Fernandes; Melo, Carlos Henrique de; Costa, André Monteiro

 ·  Ground-clearing fires in the amazon and respiratory disease
Gonçalves, Karen dos Santos; Castro, Hermano Albuquerque de; Hacon, Sandra de Souza

 ·  The green rural economy: challenges to research and to public health policies posed by agricultural modernization
Rigotto, Raquel Maria; Carneiro, Fernando Ferreira; Marinho, Alice Maria Correia Pequeno; Rocha, Mayara Melo; Ferreira, Marcelo José Monteiro; Pessoa, Vanira Matos; Teixeira, Ana Cláudia de Araújo; Silva, Maria de Lourdes Vicente da; Braga, Lara de Queiroz Viana; Teixeira, Maiana Maia

 ·  Using the 'Driving Force - Pressure - State - Exposure - Effects - Action' (DPSEEA) model of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the analysis of risks related to the use of pesticides in agricultural activities in the state of Rio de Janeiro
Araújo-Pinto, Mariana de; Peres, Frederico; Moreira, Josino Costa

 ·  Groundwater and rainwater contamination by pesticides in an agricultural region of Mato Grosso state in central Brazil
Moreira, Josino Costa; Peres, Frederico; Simões, Ana Cristina; Pignati, Wanderlei Antonio; Dores, Eliane de Carvalho; Vieira, Sandro Nunes; Strüssmann, Christine; Mott, Tamí

 ·  Climate variables, living conditions and the health of the population: leptospirosis in the city of Rio de Janeiro from 1996 to 2009
Oliveira, Teresa Vieira dos Santos de; Marinho, Diana Pinheiro; Costa Neto, Cristina; Kligerman, Débora Cynamon

 ·  Socio-environmental vulnerability, disaster risk-reduction and resilience-building: lessons from the earthquake in Haiti and torrential rains in the mountain range close to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil
Freitas, Carlos Machado de; Carvalho, Mauren Lopes de; Ximenes, Elisa Francioli; Arraes, Eduardo Fonseca; Gomes, José Orlando

 ·  Health, environment and working conditions in tobacco cultivation: a review of the literature
Riquinho, Deise Lisboa; Hennington, Elida Azevedo

 ·  Floods and Public Health: a review of the recent scientific literature on the causes, consequences and responses to prevention and mitigation
Freitas, Carlos Machado de; Ximenes, Elisa Francioli

 ·  Cycling to achieve healthy and sustainable alternatives
Carvalho, Mauren Lopes de; Freitas, Carlos Machado de

 Free Themes
 ·  Profile of Brazilian scientific production on A/H1N1 pandemic influenza
Luchs, Adriana

 ·  Work ability and quality of life of brazilian industrial workers
Costa, Carolina Souza Neves da; Freitas, Elizabeth Garcia de; Mendonça, Lorena Cristina de Souza; Alem, Michele Elizabeth Rubio; Coury, Helenice Jane Cote Gil

 ·  The importance of the contextual approach in the teaching of biosafety
Pereira, Maria Eveline de Castro; Silva, Pedro César Teixeira; Costa, Marco Antonio Ferreira da; Jurberg, Claudia; Borba, Cintia de Moraes

 ·  In vitro activity of crude extracts of two plant species in the Cerrado on yeast of the Candida SPP variety
Silva, Sônia Maria Ferreira Queiroz e; Pinheiro, Sandra Maria Botelho; Queiroz, Maria Vilian Ferreira; Pranchevicius, Maria Cristina; Castro, José Gerley Díaz; Perim, Michele Cezimbra; Carreiro, Solange Cristina

 Book Reviews