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Revista Brasileira de Epidemiologia
Print version ISSN 1415-790X


Table of contents
Rev. bras. epidemiol. vol.1 n.2 São Paulo Aug. 1998

 ·  Editorial
Carvalheiro, José da Rocha

 Special Article
 ·  Epidemiology of chronic non-infectious disease: current status and future perspective
Doll, Richard

 ·  For an epidemiology of the collective health
Barreto, Maurício L.

 ·  Pillars for assessing validity in epidemiological studies
Reichenheim, Michael E.; Moraes, Claudia Leite

 ·  Recent migration, petrochemical industry jobs and alcohol consumption
Santana, Vilma S.; Khoury, Mauro; Andrade, Charles de; Novato, Agnese; Almeida Filho, Naomar de

 ·  Using the concepts of gender and/or sex in epidemiology: an example in the hierarchical approach conceptual framework
Olinto, Maria Teresa Anselmo

 ·  Validation of four AIDS-case definitions in HIV-infected intravenous drug users in Barcelona, Spain
Miranda, Paulo Sérgio C.; Marco, Andrés; Caylà, Joan Arthur; Galdós-Tangüis, Hernando; García de Olalla, Patricia

 ·  Epidemiological study in oral health: analysis of the methodology proposed by World Health Organization
Oliveira, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli da Costa; Unfer, Beatriz; Costa, Iris do Céu Clara; Arcieri, Rogério Moreira; Guimarães, Luís Octávio Coelho; Saliba, Nemre Adas

 ·  Injecting drug users and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection: epidemiology and perspectives of intervention
Caiaffa, Waleska Teixeira; Bastos, Francisco Inácio