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MEDICC rev. vol.14 n.4 Oakland Oct. 2012

 ·  Eye on the prize

 Policy & Practice
 ·  SIDATRAT: informatics to improve HIV/AIDS care
Aragonés, Carlos; Campos, Jorge R.; Pérez, Daniel; Martínez, Alina; Pérez, Jorge

 ·  PAHO's presence in Cuban health: José Luis Di Fabio PhD PAHO/WHO representative in Cuba
Reed, Gail

 Special Article
 ·  Reducing case fatality from acute myocardial infarction in cienfuegos, Cuba, 1994-2009
Navarro, Víctor René; Falcón, Arelys; Iraola, Marcos D.; Valladares, Francisco; Ordúñez, Pedro O.

 Original Research
 ·  Acute myocardial infarction mortality in Cuba, 1999-2008
Armas, Nurys B.; Ortega, Yanela Y.; Noval, Reinaldo de la; Suárez, Ramón; Llerena, Lorenzo; Dueñas, Alfredo F.

 ·  Audio computer-assisted self interview compared to traditional interview in an HIV-related behavioral survey in Vietnam
Le, Linh Cu; Vu, Lan T.H.

 Lessons from the Field
 ·  Clinical impact of RehaCom Software for cognitive rehabilitation of patients with acquired brain injury
Fernández, Elízabeth; Bringas, María Luisa; Salazar, Sonia; Rodríguez, Daymí; García, María Eugenia; Torres, Maydané

 ·  An efficient sampling approach to surveillance of non-communicable disease risk factors in Cienfuegos, Cuba
Silva, Luis Carlos; Benet, Mikhail; Morejón, Alain; Ordúñez, Pedro

 ·  New indicators proposed to assess tuberculosis control and elimination in Cuba
R. González, Edilberto; Armas, Luisa

 ·  Community engagement, personal responsibility and self help in cuba's health system reform
Luis, Isabel P.; Martínez, Silvia; Alvarez, Adolfo

 ·  Cuban research in current international journals

 ·  Banishing biases to save lives: introducing genetic testing for familial cancers
Teruel, Beatriz Marcheco