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Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1726-4634


Table of contents
Rev Peru Med Exp Salud Publica vol.27 n.2 Lima Apr./Jun. 2010

 ·  Road traffic injuries in Peru: where are we and what next?
Miranda, J. Jaime; Huicho, Luis

 Research Papers
 ·  Epidemiological profile of road traffic accidents in Peru, 2005-2009
Choquehuanca-Vilca, Víctor; Cárdenas-García, Fresia; Collazos-Carhuay, Joel; Mendoza-Valladolid, Willington

 ·  Self-reporting of road traffic accidents in a national survey of urban population in Peru
Wong, Paolo; Gutiérrez, César; Romaní, franco

 ·  Coverage of the emergency health care law and the Compulsory Insurance against Road Traffic Crashes (SOAT)
Miranda, J. Jaime; Rosales-Mayor, Edmundo; Gianella, Camila; Paca-Palao, Ada; Luna, Diego; Lopez, Luis; Huicho, Luis; Equipo PIAT

 ·  Fatigue and sleepiness in interprovincial road bus drivers: comparative study between formality and informality
Liendo, Gustavo R.; Castro, Carla L.; Rey de Castro, Jorge

 ·  Iodized salt intake in households and iodine nutritional status in women of childbearing age in Peru, 2008
Higa, Ana María; Miranda, Marianella; Campos, Miguel; Sánchez, José R.

 ·  Factors associated to complications of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in a third-level hospital
Quispe-Mauricio, Angel; Sierra-Cahuata, Wilmer; Callacondo, David; Torreblanca-Nava, Juan

 ·  Evaluation of two immunoblot tests with goat and sheep hydatid antigen for human echinococcosis diagnosis
Miranda, Eduardo; Velarde, franko; Somocurcio, José; Ayala, Eduardo

 ·  Marine bacteria producing antibacterial compounds Isolated from inter-tidal invertebrates
León, Jorge; Liza, Libia; Soto, Isela; Torres, Magali; Orosco, Andrés

 ·  Effect of levonorgestrel in the ovulation, endometrium, and spermatozoa for emergency oral contraception
Suárez, Víctor J.; Zavala, Renzo; Ureta, Juan Manuel; Hijar, Gisely; Lucero, Jorge; Pachas, Paul

 ·  Actions and strategies for the prevention and control of road traffic injuries: peruvian experience by levels of prevention
Málaga, Hernán

 ·  Tiredness and sleepiness in rural bus drivers during their job performance: Peruvian experience and proposals
Rey de Castro, Jorge; Rosales-Mayor, Edmundo

 Symposium: Traffic Road Injuries
 ·  Road traffic injuries in developing countries: research and action agenda
Min Huang, Cheng; Lunnen, Jeffrey C.; Miranda, J. Jaime; Hyder, Adnan A.

 ·  Reducing pedestrian deaths and injuries due to road traffic injuries in Peru: interventions that can work
Quistberg, D. Alex; Miranda, J. Jaime; Ebel, Beth

 ·  Supervising road safety in Peru
Sagástegui, Freddy

 ·  Sleep monitoring in bus and truck drivers: relevant factor to consider for the renewal of the driving license
Rey de Castro, Jorge; Rosales-Mayor, Edmundo

 ·  Psychosocial aspects and accidents in land transport
Morales-Soto, Nelson; Alfaro-Basso, Daniel; Gálvez-Rivero, Wilfredo

 Special Section
 ·  Assessment of the structure, dynamics and monitoring of information systems for road traffic injuries in Peru - 2009
Miranda, J. Jaime; Paca-Palao, Ada; Najarro, Lizzete; Rosales-Mayor, Edmundo; Luna, Diego; Lopez, Luis; Huicho, Luis; Equipo PIAT

 ·  Ethnolinguistic map of Peru
Instituto Nacional de Desarrollo de Pueblos Andinos, Amazónicos y Afroperuanos

 Case Report
 ·  Guillain Barre syndrome in association with Brucellosis
Montalvo, Raúl; García, Yury; Ñavincopa, Marcos; Ticona, Eduardo; Chávez, Gonzalo; Moore, David A.

 Great Personalities of Public Health in Peru
 ·  Arturo Vasi Paez (1924-2008)
Burstein Alva, Zuño

 Picture Gallery
 ·  Indigenous populations from Peru
Salaverry, Oswaldo; Trujillo, Omar V.; Quispe, Roberto; Meneses, Doris; Velásquez, Majed

 Letters to Editor
 ·  Tuberculosis in indigenous
Neyra Ramírez, Jose

 ·  Latent Tuberculosis: chemoprophylactic coverage of household contacts in Peru
Maquera-Afaray, Julio

 ·  Reply of the Peruvian National Health Strategy for Tuberculosis Prevention and Control
Jave, Oswaldo; Llanos-Tejada, Félix

 ·  About interculturality
Ríos-Correa, Fernando

 ·  Undergraduate students: the future of research
Osada, Jorge; Ruiz-Grosso, Paulo; Ramos, Mariana