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Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1726-4634


Table of contents
Rev Peru Med Exp Salud Publica vol.27 n.3 Lima Jul./Sep. 2010

 ·  The need for health research to contribute to equity, health and development
Cabezas, César

 ·  The Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública now indexed in MEDLINE/Index Medicus
Burstein, Zuño; Mayta-Tristán, Percy

 Research Papers
 ·  Peruvian scientific production in medicine and collaboration networks, analysis of the Science Citation Index 2000-2009
Huamaní, Charles; Mayta-Tristán, Percy

 ·  Primary pneumonic plague with nosocomial transmission in La Libertad, Peru 2010
Donaires, Luis F.; Céspedes, Manuel; Valencia, Pedro; Salas, Juan Carlos; Luna, María E.; Castañeda, Alex; Peralta, Víctor; Cabezas, César; Pachas, Paul E.

 ·  Interaction between health personnel and young pregnant women during prenatal control: a qualitative study
Blossiers, Carolina

 ·  Comparison of four phenotypic methods to detect extended-spectrum betalactamases
Lezameta, Lizet; Gonzáles-Escalante, Edgar; Tamariz, Jesús H.

 ·  Oral toxicity at 60-days of sacha inchi oil (Plukenetia volubilis L.) and linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.), and determination of lethal dose 50 in rodents
Gorriti, Arilmi; Arroyo, Jorge; Quispe, Fredy; Cisneros, Braulio; Condorhuamán, Martín; Almora, Yuan; Chumpitaz, Víctor

 ·  Management and funding of the research by the peruvian National Institute of Health, 2004-2008
Garro, Gladys; Mormontoy, Henry; Yagui, Martín

 ·  Productivity, visibility and citation analysis of the Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública, 2002-2009
Huamaní, Charles

 ·  Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of an influenza outbreak in military personnel-Trujillo, Peru, 2008
Chávez, Edward; Laguna-Torres, V. Alberto; Burga, Ana M.; Sovero, Merly; Cruz, Rollin; Pérez, Juan; Gamero, María; Ríos, Jane; Kochel, Tadeusz

 ·  Physical exercise and its prescription in patients with chronic degenerative diseases
Gómez, Rossana; Monteiro, Henrique; Cossio-Bolaños, Marco Antonio; Fama-Cortez, Domingo; Zanesco, Angelina

 Symposium: Health Research Policies
 ·  Advances and challenges in building the national health research system in Peru
Yagui, Martín; Espinoza, Manuel; Caballero, Patricia; Castilla, Teresa; Garro, Gladys; Yamaguchi, L. Patricia; Mormontoy, Henry; Mayta-Tristán, Percy; Velásquez, Aníbal; Cabezas, César

 ·  Regional and national priorities in health research, Peru 2010-2014: a process with a participative and decentralist approach
Caballero, Patricia; Yagui, Martin; Espinoza, Manuel; Castilla, Teresa; Granados, Arturo; Velásquez, Aníbal; Cabezas, César

 ·  Global lessons of the mexican health reform: empowerment through the use of evidence
Frenk, Julio; Gómez-Dantés, Octavio

 ·  Researchers training in the context of the collaborative projects: experiences of Instituto de Medicina Tropical "Alexander von Humbolt", Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Gotuzzo, Eduardo; González, Elsa; Verdonck, Kristien

 ·  Return scholarship of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Guerra, Humberto

 ·  Innovation in research
Zárate, Eduardo

 ·  Reflections about research ethics in humans
Perales, Alberto

 Special Section
 ·  Why to audit to research ethics committees?
Quiroz, Estela

 ·  Strengthening global health informatics research within the andean region through international collaboration
Curioso, Walter H.; García, Patricia J.; Castillo, Greta M.; Blas, Magaly M.; Perez-Brumer, Amaya; Zimic, Mirko; Red QUIPU

 ·  Globalization, the Camisea Project and the Matsigenkas health
Torres-Slimming, Paola

 Case Report
 ·  Probable vertical transmission of the influenza virus A (H1N1): apropos of a case
Vásquez, Rubén D.; Chávez, Víctor M.; Gamio, Iris E.; Muñoz, Richard I.; Polar, Marcos F.; Montalvo, Raúl; Ticona, Eduardo

 Great Personalities of Public Health in Peru
 ·  Francisco Sánchez Moreno Moscoso (1902-1985)
Sánchez Moreno Ramos, Francisco

 Picture Gallery
 ·  Plague control in La Libertad, Peru
Pachas, Paul E.; Mendoza, Leonardo; González, Dana; Fernández, Víctor; Céspedes, Manuel

 Letters to Editor
 ·  Translation of research results in specific health actions
Fiestas, Fabián

 ·  Regional units in health research, Peru 2009
Yamaguchi, L. Patricia; Yagui, Martin; Mayta-Tristán, Percy

 ·  What happens with the peruvian ethical review board?
Zavala, Salomón

 ·  Mortality in young doctors doing the rural service in Peru, 2006-2009
Galán-Rodas, Edén; Díaz-Vélez, Cristian; Villena, Juan; Maguiña, Ciro

 ·  Road traffic injuries in the jungle: other reasons to discuss
Huamaní, Charles; Cabrera, Ysel

 ·  Association between development and A H1N1 influenza epidemiology in Latin American countries
Rodríguez-Morales, Alfonso J.

 ·  Improving maternal health Information systems: validation of electronic medical records in Callao, Peru
Curioso, Walter H.; Roman, Hans; Perez-Lu, José; Castagnetto, Jesús M.; García, Patricia J.

 ·  Withdrawal of sibutramine for cardiovascular disease risk
Pinto, Miguel E.; Manrique, Helard A.