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Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública
Print version ISSN 1726-4634


Table of contents
Rev Peru Med Exp Salud Publica vol.27 n.4 Lima Dec. 2010

 ·  Parasitic zoonoses: a public health problem in Peru
Naquira, Cesar

 Artículo Original
 ·  Household factors associated with the presence of human hydatid disease in three rural communities of Junin, Peru
Santivañez, Saul J.; Naquira, Cesar; Gavidia, Cesar M.; Tello, Luis; Hernandez, Eddy; Brunetti, Enrico; Kachani, Malika; Gonzalez, Armando E.; Garcia, Hector H.

 ·  State of the quality of drinking water in households in children under five years in Peru, 2007-2010
Miranda, Marianella; Aramburú, Adolfo; Junco, Jorge; Campos, Miguel

 ·  Comunicable diseases, mental health and exposure to environmental pollutants in population living near Las Bambas mining project before exploitation phase, Peru 2006
Astete, Jonh; Gastañaga, María del Carmen; Fiestas, Víctor; Oblitas, Tania; Sabastizagal, Iselle; Lucero, Martha; Abadíe, Jesús del Milagro; Muñoz, María Elena; Valverde, Ada; Suarez, Magna

 ·  Prevalence and asociated factors WITH depresive symptoms in Health Sciences students from a private university in Lima, Peru 2010
Pereyra-Elías, Reneé; Ocampo-Mascaró, Javier; Silva-Salazar, Vera; Vélez-Segovia, Eduardo; Costa-Bullón, A. Daniel da; Toro-Polo, Luis Miguel; Vicuña-Ortega, Joanna

 ·  Vasodilator effect mediated by nitric oxide of the Zea mays L (andean purple corn) hydroalcoholic extract in aortic rings of rat
Moreno-Loaiza, Oscar; Paz-Aliaga, Azael

 ·  Molecular cloning and characterization in silico of phospholipase A2 transcripto isolated from Lachesis muta peruvian snake venom
Jimenez, Karim L.; Zavaleta, Amparo I.; Izaguirre, Victor; Yarleque, Armando; Inga, Rosio R.

 ·  Use of standardized blood smear slide sets for competency assessment in the malaria microscopic diagnosis in the Peruvian Amazon
Rosas-Aguirre, Ángel; Gamboa, Dionicia; Rodriguez, Hugo; Llanos-Zavalaga, Fernando; Aguirre, Kristhian; Llanos-Cuentas, Alejandro

 ·  Application of conventional and multiplex PCR assays for identification of isolates of Leptospira spp. in Colombia
Moreno, Natali; Agudelo-Flórez, Piedad

 Original Breve
 ·  High frequency of dyslipidemia and impaired fasting glycemia in a high altitude Peruvian population
Málaga, Germán; Zevallos-Palacios, Claudia; Lazo, María de los Ángeles; Huayanay, Carlos

 ·  Taeniosis prevalence and human cysticercosis seroprevalence in Pampa Cangallo, Ayacucho, Peru 2008
Cordero, Avelino; Miranda, Eduardo; Segovia, Gualberto; Cantoral, Valentina; Huarcaya, Irene

 ·  Evaluation of an ELISA test with Fasciola hepatica metabolic antigen for diagnosis of human fascioliasis in Cajamarca, Peru
Cornejo, Hernán; Oblitas, Fátima; Cruzado, Sandro; Quispe, William

 ·  Lophomonas sp. in respiratory tract secretions in hospitalized children with severe lung disease
Zerpa, Rito; Ore, Elsa; Patiño, Lilian; Espinoza, Yrma A.

 ·  Is safety for human and animal health the use of Salmonella-based rodenticides?
Mendoza, Alberto; Chávez, Víctor; Hijar, Gisely; Loyola, Jessica

 ·  Neurocysticercosis diagnosis and management in Peru
Saavedra, Herbert; Gonzales, Isidro; Alvarado, Manuel A.; Porras, Miguel A.; Vargas, Victor; Cjuno, Román A.; Garcia, Hector H.; Martinez, S. Manuel

 Simposio: Zoonosis Parasitarias
 ·  Epidemiology and control of cysticercosis in Peru
Garcia, Hector H.; Gonzalez, Armando E.; Rodriguez, Silvia; Gonzalvez, Guillermo; Llanos-Zavalaga, Fernando; Tsang, Víctor C.W.; Gilman, Robert H.

 ·  The southern cone sub-regional project on cystic echinococosis control and surveillance
Irabedra, Pilar; Salvatella, Roberto

 ·  Human and animal fascioliasis in Peru: impact in the economy of endemic zones
Espinoza, José R.; Terashima, Angélica; Herrera-Velit, Patricia; Marcos, Luis A.

 ·  Diagnosis of human toxocarosis
Roldán, William H.; Espinoza, Yrma A.; Huapaya, Pedro E.; Jiménez, Susana

 Special Section
 ·  Towards a national commission on health research ethics in Peru: reflections on the routes and processes comparing viewpoints
Barboza, Marco; Minaya, Gabriela; Fuentes, Duilio

 ·  Experiences in the training of health human resources for the integral care of the victims of violence in a suburban area of Lima, Peru
Garmendia, Fausto; Perales, Alberto; Miranda, Eva; Mendoza, Pedro; Calderón, Walter; Miano, Jorge

 Case Report
 ·  Idiopathic chronic granulomatous mastitis: a case report
Takano, Juan; Prialé, Percy

 Great Personalities of Public Health in Peru
 ·  José Casimiro Ulloa Bucelo (1829-1891), paladin of the medical guild
Salaverry, Oswaldo

 Picture Gallery
 ·  Pictures of parasites causing fascioliasis, cysticercosis, hydatid disease and toxocarosis
Zerpa, Rito; Espinoza, Yrma A.; Huiza, Alina; Ore, Elsa; Roldán, William H.

 Letters to Editor
 ·  About the withdrawal of sibutramine in Peru
Dongo, Víctor

 ·  Considering scientific publications for the entry to the medical residency in Peru
Peña-Oscuvilca, Américo; Saldaña- Gastulo, J. Jhan; Villafuerte-Gálvez, Javier; Paz- Marchena, Aldo; Alvarado-Gamarra, A. Giancarlo

 ·  Public use of existing datasets as initiative to boost health research production in Peru
Fiestas, Fabián; Catacora, Manuel M.

 ·  Actions to promote medical research in Peru
Rodríguez, Juan Arturo; Galán-Rodas, Edén; Núñez, Manuel; Maguiña, Ciro

 ·  Impact of a dengue epidemic outbreak on the Google searchs in Peru
Arroyo-Hernández, C. Hugo

 ·  The real significance of being bitten by a hematophagous bat in indigenous communities in the remote Peruvian Amazon
Gómez-Benavides, Jorge; Laguna- Torres, V. Alberto; Recuenco, Sergio